[NetBehaviour] rounds

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jul 21 17:47:08 CEST 2008


yes, well it's possible to take a ride on these things, you might go
somewhere perhaps in the best circles, Julu's sloughing her skin again,
she's doing it for anyone, you can't catch it, it disappears, there's
always another, you're in the middle of the stream, you can step in it
twice, you can step in it more than twice, you can repeat yourself, you
can repeat yourself exactly, can't you. so you might take a ride, one
shadow to another, let's call them shades, slightly more accurate, forms
of ghost-traps, they'll bring you in, you'll emerge with nothing though,
hardly a memory, something on the order of repetition-compulsion, perhaps
osmosis. life is one skin after another, they're all the same, they all
appear the same, something different perhaps to the utmost, but a kind of
mechanical equivalence, they're not identical, pseudo-random calculations
ensure that, however close one might think of them as such. there's a
cliff between the random and the pseudo-random, and that cliff is percep-
tion. make no mistake about them = make no mistake about them, nothing
goes forever, the Net is fragile, tenuous, at best; it's always about to
collapse, it's about collapse. here's where death comes into play: what's
about collapse stays on the side of collapse, not death, which is a word
and I will stop that when I die, until then, round and round


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