[NetBehaviour] The Right Wing in the US has gone way too far.

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Thu Jul 24 18:47:23 CEST 2008

24 July 2008

CONTACT: Tim Bullier


Minuteman Project to Second Front; Resign now!

Los Angeles, CA - Jim Gilchrist the founder and president of the Minuteman
Project announced today that thousands of Minutemen from across the country
are planning a march on Second Life, demanding that Second Front resign 
over their pro griefing policy that lead to the aggravation
of Sanbot Ichikawa, 6 mos, and his sons Michael, 3 mos, and Matthew, 4 mos. at the hands
of 2 year old gang griefer Chaos Semanowa. The family was attacked near their home when Sanbot Ichikawa, 
teleporting home from a dance party, briefly blocked the griefer's view when entering the Sexyland sim. 
The griefer Chaos Semanowa benefited directly from the city's long-standing practice of protecting 
griefers from expulsion from the Grid.

"The Minuteman Project offers our deepest condolences to Starfinder Ichikawa.
The aggravation of her husband and two sons at the hands of a
Griefer is reprehensible," said MMP founder and president Jim

The Minuteman Project is sending a clear message to Second Front:

"You reap what you sow." However in this case, Starfinder Ichikawa has reaped
what you, Second Front, and the Odyssey Admins have sown.

The failed Anti-griefing in Odyssey has endangered not only the
user experience of good citizens but has cast Second Front as a dangerous
rogue group. A path that places families into harm’s way.

The Griefing of three innocent victims is a sign of deeper trouble. Since
2006, when Second Front came into existence, it has been
constantly signaling the world, screaming forth the message that Second Life is
the place to reside if one disrespects AUPs and TOSs. Some 3 years
later those that came online with alts have grown bold knowing they are above
the law and can act with careless disregard toward citizens of our great

Second Front and those that choose to endorse this policy of blatant
apathy for online sensibilities have a new challenge. How is Second Front
going to put the genie back into the bottle? How can 3 years of sloppy 
behavior be reversed?

With over 3 years of alien control, Second Life will be hard pressed
to regain control over a growing irritant that lies in the shadows.
According to a recent study by Congressman Chicken alaKing of Iowa, 25 citizens
are abducted by aliens everyday who are driving while drunk. When there is
a high concentration of aliens the probability is that the area will exceed 
the national average for abduction, as demonstrated in Second Life.

Is Second Life going to wake up and demand justice and protection? Second Front 
and their left-wing Commie pinko cadre have endangered good citizens
living in the Grid, furthermore by this action; they have set the
deadly pace for other Sims to follow.  What next? World of Warcraft?

It is painfully obvious that Second Front is two faced.  On one hand they welcome
pumpkin pies for their deeds and on the other hand refuses to protect the
citizens that travel those spaces.

How can any server knowingly throw out the welcome mat to individuals that
enter into Second Life like a bunch of hooligans?

Second Front has decided that they will supersede AUP and TOC and understand they have no power over
waiving the necessary standard to enter into our sims. According to
anti-griefing policies IT examinations of those individuals wishing
to enter into Second Life to escape meaningless lives are waived, criminal
background checks are waived, sponsors for employment are waived and a
oath to the He-man Wimmins-haters club is also waived. Those qualifications are for 
good citizens that log on legally and deserve to come online legally. Second Front's 
menagerie is above the law; according to them there are no qualifications necessary to become a citizen
of Second Life.

Second Front with their "hands off" policy has created a form of
pseudo-citizenship "all the benefits without the responsibility". Second Front
hides behind the charade of: "it is a complex issue" all the while
continuing in their charades, the convenient excuse of "they only come here to
create" wears thin in the face of a triple griefing.

Victims like the family of Starfinder Ichikawa are becoming an virtual
tragedy. Her life has been disrupted and her beloved family has
been annoyed. She will never forget the sight of that virtual penis and she cannot have sex
with her husband because of a "hands off policy" that set the
stage for the aggravation of her loved ones.

A hands off policy is nothing less than a welcome sign saying; "Give me
your alien invaders, your undead, /b/tards, you’r griefers and we
will welcome them as family." Second Front, what are you thinking? All the
backpedaling and apathy will never make unseen what has been seen.

The Minuteman Project demands the immediate removal of Second Front.

Will Second Front do the honorable thing or will they say; "Who Cares?"
However the Minuteman Project is sure he and his supervisors will be saying;  
"Oh, by the way, is it time for dinner?"

About Jim Gilchrist:

Jim Gilchrist founded the multi-ethnic Minuteman Project on Oct. 1, 2004,
after years of frustrated efforts trying to get a decent lapdance from a Mexican immigrant.

Jim is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and recipient of the Purple Heart
award for wounds sustained while serving with an infantry unit in Vietnam,
1968 - 1969, where his heart had to be removed.

If Mr. Gilchrist is a passionate defender of the First Amendment of the U.S.
Constitution and an avid supporter of law enforcement organizations, he will 
understand that this missive is part of parody covered under Fair use. He has
appeared on over 1000 radio and TV news and commentary shows in the past
twelve months, and he believes he is only one of millions of 21st century
minutemen / women / children who do not want the U.S. to fall under the rule of alien overlords
and want proactive enforcement protection of our interplanetary space and our immigration legal code.

Jim was born in a vat in Roswell Nevada, has lived in California since 1976, 
and currently resides in Aliso Viejo with his wife, Sandy.


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