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>To: Blind Ditch <contact at blindditch.org>
>From: Blind Ditch <contact at blindditch.org>
>A brand new mobile arts event by Blind Ditch
>Dear Friend you are invited to:
>Stand your ground! at the launch of GLOBAL PLAYER
>11am, Friday 1st August 2008, Exeter Phoenix Gallery
>As a lead up to the Beijing Summer Olympics a 
>custom built table tennis table is being towed 
>around the streets and public spaces of five 
>British Cities. Strengthened for purpose and 
>fitted with a towbar for ease of pulling, the 
>table is a specially designed art object 
>constructed by sculptor John Packer 
>out of recycled bicycle parts. The Global Player 
>will encourage members of the public to stand 
>their ground - reclaiming public space whilst 
>creating an exciting community performance 
>together. Challengers are encouraged to take 
>winning seriously with game stats and edited 
>video highlights being uploaded online at 
>Global Players for 2008 are: Volkhardt Müller 
>from Blind Ditch with associate artists Augusto 
>Corrieri and Tim Dollimore. 
>Join us for coffee, croissants and the first 
>games of the tour as we send the table off into 
>the streets of Exeter (followed by Brighton, 
>Cardiff, Plymouth ...the world! see website for 
>Global Player will provide the bats.
>RSVP to 
><mailto:contact at blindditch.org>contact at blindditch.org 
>and visit 
>for more info.
>Global Player is funded by Exeter Arts Council 
>and Plymouth City Council with support from 
>Exeter Phoenix Incubator, The Basement Arts 
>Production South East, Chapter Arts Centre, 
>Cardiff and Culture Torbay.
>Global Player can you beat them? Ja! Si! Da! Oui! YES YES YES!
> performance. installation. intervention. 
>e: contact at blindditch.org   t: +44 (0) 7881 
>862714   w: 
> <http://www.vanland.org>www.vanland.org


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