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On 29/7/2008, "james jwm-art net" <james at jwm-art.net> wrote:

>Would it look like an acid trip if you had taken acid?
>      or
>Would it look like an acid trip if you had not taken acid?
>ie have you taken acid? (if it's not a too personal question)
>it's just the stuff I make always becomes some kind of 'trip' to me
>at times, and it can seem like I can't escape that.

Sorry, don't want to give the wrong impression, I forgot to mention I was
paraphrasing from my cat. And my cat has doubts about this actually, he
considers that his memories from sixteen years ago of tripping have
been tainted by all sorts of things like dreams and things and memories
so it's all tangled up in a straight-kind-of-straight way and it's all
mere (probably incorrect) association, bungled up, "blah blah blah".

But personally I thought what my cat had to say was interesting about

And now I've shown inthepit.mp4 to my cat, he thinks it does not look
like an acid trip - or the closest it comes is like a bad acid trip
where most of the trip is [not visual but] negative cyclical thinking in
his little feline brain.

>On 29/7/2008, "Alan Sondheim" <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:
>>I can see if someone has come into the exhibition space in Second Life;
>>they leave a trail behind them, objects and spews that slowly disappear -
>>in the meantime, the space is oddly denuded.
>>I want to explain why the space looks like an acid trip, why it's so
>>crowded, so preposterous. And the reason has to do with anti-art, or
>>non-art, making something that construes an environment instead of
>>presenting an object or installation for contemplation. The objects in the
>>SL exhibition have depth; they're not pieces or scatter pieces or process
>>work - they're environment, an environmental space close to useless,
>>replete, fecund. What appears to be actions are trajectories, complex
>>interactive fields that mimic sentience.
>>Objects and spews head toward the depths; Julu is down there among them,
>>moving in and out of the way, looking for the teleport sphere to return
>>her to the surface. The teleport sphere is a phallic object, contained,
>>curtailed; it is the only sculpture in the neighborhood.
>>Think of the space, spacings, as an ensemble of interrelated ecological
>>niches; there are local customs, nestings, vectors, behaviors and behavior
>>collisions. The space is utterly transformed through participatory move-
>>ment that environmental resonates.
>>It's only this way that complex and alien phenomenologies assert them-
>>selves - there's no piece or artwork presenting one or another problema-
>>tic, only a skein or membrane simultaneously tending towards thought and
>>its absence.
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