[NetBehaviour] exist.pl and communication, what next?

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Wed Jul 30 02:03:21 CEST 2008

Hi Pall

It would be logical to me that your program respond its own source code.
It can be seen as a way to express itself, and probably be
misunderstood, but also to survive by duplicating itself.
Actually, I still don't really get why it just "recreates" itself in
the end as a way to survive, because a better survival method would be
to spread like a virus. I think duplication and awareness of its
multiplicity could bring good perspectives to your experiment, while
still keeping the "simple" essence approach.


On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 11:36 PM, Pall Thayer <pallthay at gmail.com> wrote:
> (ps. I'm now posting these to both Rhizome and Netbehaviour. My
> apologies to anyone who receives them twice.)
> The latest revision to exist.pl has opened a whole new can of beans.
> Since it is now capable of receiving communication from other
> processes it will inevitably have to respond and that's the tricky
> part. How does a process that is just beginning to experiment with an
> awareness of anything at all, respond to anything at all? It makes no
> attempt to understand the message being conveyed or even who it's
> coming from. It would be great to get some feedback on this. Of
> course, my first inclination is to just have it respond to anything
> with a full dump of its entire "awareness". Well, no. My first
> inclination was to have it respond to anything by outputting the full
> path to the file (its "existence") and its process ID (its "state of
> being") but when you think about it, there's really nothing to
> indicate to exist.pl that those two bits of information would mean
> anything to anyone else.
> Pall
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