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______________________________________________30 July '08 _


Liverpool – Culture of Capital
By Leo Singer and Clara Paillard

Reporting on the conference Capital, Culture and Power in Liverpool Leo 
Singer and Clara Paillard find a useful vehicle with which to crash the 
regeneration party and pose some difficult questions for its hosts



Analysis Without Analysis
By Felix Stalder

Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody is reputed to be the best book ever 
written on Web 2.0. By why the strange silence on questions of 
copyright, privacy and ownership?



One World, One Lie: Tibet, the Olympics and Democracy
By Paula Cerni

The fate of Tibet and its unelected superstar figurehead has captured 
the attention of western liberals, not to mention the US government. But 
the real fascination of Tibet is not its exoticism but its similarity to 
the rest of an undemocratic global system, argues Paula Cerni


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