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"product"– Festival of Contemporary Art Varna, Bulgaria

The "product" will take place from June 5th to June 15th 2008 in
Varna, Bulgaria.

The theme of this year's Festival is "Hope".

The festival functions as transmitter and forum between artists and
audience, art and institutions creating an atmosphere of confidence.
It is designed as a cultural portal where the ideas of authors are to
be developed, shared, discussed, and nurtured in workshops, lectures,
discussions and performances. The festival is organised by KERA, a
group of artists and cultural operators based in Varna – a major
seaport on the Bulgarian Black Sea. In 2008, hope will be the
leitmotif of the festival. We are looking forward to an exciting
programme with contributions from different fields of contemporary art
as well as to a series of lectures and an extensive film programme.
There will be chance to meet some of the 28 artists and 55 filmmakers
from 28 countries (Colombia, United Kingdom, Argentina, Germany,
Bosnia, France, Peru, Spain, USA, Bulgaria, Austria, Ireland, Canada,
Italia, Switzerland, Mexico, Chile, Japan, Netherland, Turkey,
Belgium, Iran, Norway, Korea, China, Finland, Slovenia) and to find
out about their artistic positions.

Curators team exhibition: Emil Mirazchiev (Bulgaria), Nevan Lahart
(Ireland), Rustha Luna Pozzi-Escot (France), Peter Anders (Germany),
Michele Fiori (Italia) and Luis Gonzales Toussaint (Mexico), Curator
"Some are watching" film program: Martin A. Dege (Germany).

We are glad to invite you to this hopeful anniversary of the "product"
festival of contemporary art in Bulgaria.

KERA AssociationThe Festival Team

FILMPROGRAM 2008  http://www.product-festival.com/film_08.html

Block 1
Open call: "about hope"

Curator: Martin A. Dege
Length: 74.00 minutes

OPEN CALL Videoscreening "saw - some are watching" at "product–
Festival of Contemporary Art 2008"

The paradise garden Hyun-Joo MIN Finnland 2005, 03.38min.
How to Fool your Fears Serafina Ouistiti United Kingdom 2007
Room Temperature Zhana Ivanova Bulgaria 2008, 26.14min.
Malocchios Puppetshow Serafina Ouistiti United Kingdom 2007
- ohne Titel - Kristin Meyer Germany 2008, 12.45min.
'time is running and say nothing' Antea Arizanovic Slovenia 1988 -
2006, 16.30min.
Dad´s Cellar Susan Schmidt und David Buob Germany 2006, 06.34min.

Block 2

Lugano / Switzerland

Organizer: FAIRPLAY FILM & VIDEO Festival

Curator: Silvia Anna Barrilà
Length: 45.00 minutes

Pendule Antonella Kurzen Switzerland / Germany 2006, 00.5min.
When I wish upon a star Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi Japan /
Switzerland 2004, 2.2min.
Kino Krov Elise Florenty France / Germany 2005, 5.45min.
Attica Manon de Boer Belgium 2008 9.55min.
Rise Niklas Goldbach Germany 2007 2.22min.
Six Apartments Reynold Reynolds USA / Germany 2007 12.00min.
Twist Alexia Walther Switzerland / France 2006 11.00min.

Block 3

The best of "loyal_rooftops_2007"

Organizer: Martin A. Dege

Curator: Martin A. Dege

"loyal_rooftops_2007" zeigte Videoarbeiten, die soziale Diskrepanzen
und unwirtliche Urbanität aufnehmen und sich so zum Festival
'Bürgerstolz & Stadtfrieden - kurz vor der Schließung dieser
Freiräume, genau am richtigen Ort und zum richtigen Zeitpunkt

Talking walls Kristoffer Ardena Spain 2007, 3.44min
Time bomb the love Chiara Passa Italy 1998, 5.00min.
untitled Fotis Theotis United Kingdom 2004
All the Kings Horses and all the kings Men Marisa Cunningham United Kingdom
Zone End Nooshin Farhid United Kingdom 2007, 2.30min.
The desreet charm of the bourgeoisie Ron den Daas & Kathy Kenny Canada
2006, 1.00min.
follow Andrew Thomas Germany 2007, 3.00min.
touch Lieve D'hondt Belgium 2007
Fliessband Sandra Becker Germany 1996-2006, 2.00min
.one day, 2000 Martin A. Dege Germany 2000, 2.23min.
25 horses in the room next door Eric Pries Germany 2007
Home Martin Sommer Germany 2007
Rompiendo Nubes Bongore Spain 2006, 1.47min.
Nur ich lache Liu Ke China / Germany 2007
Force 2 Peter Borgers Netherland

Block 4
"PAM Perpetual Art Machine"

Organizer: PAM Perpetual Art Machine - living archive, USA

Curator: Lee Wells, Raphaele Shirley, Chris Borkowski and Aaron Miller
Length: 83.00 minutes

Perpetual Art Machine is a living archive of 21st century
international video art, featuring over 1000 videos from more than 700
artists from over 70 countries culminating in an immersive interactive
video experience. Created in December 2005 as a collaboration between
the artists Lee Wells, Raphaele Shirley, Chris Borkowski and Aaron
Miller as a means to democratize the curatorial process by inviting
both the artist and the viewer/user to participate through live
interactive installations and online through [PAM]'s free community
video portal.
The artists represented in this program are just but a small cross
section of the great artists [PAM] has been lucky enough to work with.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Scared at Birth Hackworth Ashley USA 2006 0.5min.
Shouting Match George Barber United Kingdom 2004, 4.59min.
Hibernation Josephin Böttger Germany 2006, 10.50min.
Modern Times Chris Coleman USA 2004, 2.45min.
Cloths for a Summer Hotel Cecilie Dahl Norway 2004, 6.36min.
False Hope & Invented God G.H. Hovagimyan USA 2006, 2.00min.
Read My Lips Stephanie Lempert USA 2005, 1.12min
Soon & Sleep Iris Piers Netherland 2006, 7.46min.
A Life of Errors Nicholas and Sheila Pye Canada 2006, 14.24min.
Star Alexander Reyna USA 2007, 3.21min.
Pampering Jaye Rhee Korea 2006, 2.25min.
Una Sporca Vacanza Cinzia Sarto Italy 2004, 9.53min.
Would you rather it was love Melissa Schubeck USA 2006, 1.35min.
Building Endre Tveitan Norway 2006, 1.18min.
The Other Lam Mai Kit China 2004, 2.05min.
The State of Things Amelia Winger-Bearskin USA 2007, 9.00min.

Block 5
"Stay here..."

Organizer: Open Space
Zentrum für Kunstprojekte – Wien, Austria

Curator: Gulsen Bal

In its focus on a space of possibilities reflected within the realm of
'event' that we inhabit, Stay here... will address the ambivalent
relationship with local epistemology in new political understanding of
habitual durations rooted in precarious condition of the nomadic
'enclosures' within and against available structures where other
worlds are possible. The statement thus spans a discursive field that
ranges from hybridity, the "difference and rupture" to the issues of
identification within unnameable potentials, with which all political
and social questions are opened up. This traces a dynamics between
nomadic 'enclosures' and what temporarily traversing them; conducting
a journey, which makes long-hidden mystery into the open. Inevitably,
this is bound to lead to the idea of "being against in any place",
given that it includes both the possibility of belonging to "any"
place and the necessity of opposition in "every" place. And these
places must be sought.

Diglossia Fatih Aydogdu Turkey / Austria 2007, 2.44min.
WEST Nada Prlja United Kingdom 2007, 2min.
One cannot deny it might just happen Anne-Britt Rage Norway 2007

Block 6

Lugano / Switzerland

Organizer: FAIRPLAY FILM & VIDEO Festival

Curator: Silvia Anna Barrilà
Length: 55:52 minutes

Voice Over Nevin Aladag Turkey / Germany 2006, 14.0min.
Lucía Cristóbal León, Niles Atallah, Joaquin Cocina Chile 2007, 3.55min.
Charismatic Fates & Vanishing Dates Sara Rajaei Iran / Netherland 2006 3.20min.
The sun shines in Kiev Rossella Biscotti Italy / Netherland 2006, 9.0min.
Indocumentado Edgar Endress Chile 2005, 10.0min.

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