[NetBehaviour] An engineer's ocean

Lewis LaCook llacook at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 18:54:49 CEST 2008


You wake to nausea a negated sea and the clock starting over and over

staring at you across much earlier than you’d like. Earlier your ears

remembered the alarm going off and debt haunting like traces of semen

pulled over your mouse pad like you moved there, but of necessity

performative, neither from nor to but inhabiting. Well. The burned are

already whispering to you those secrets that recoil while firing flames

gnawing at the mid-range in her belly of sounds. But why does the first

connection attempt fail? Because of sophistication testicular references

enhance nascent craters arching busty like a parsed vellum a level of

velor and unbridled candor or abandoned. On between as in and or among.

Fucking time-based art you wake to, a nigger sea is me creased and

siphoning left feelings eating others’ regard for me the wastes of some

distance to love up on ivory stilts. And on her belly of sounds. You’re

rigid at the gears that arch her back along an engineer’s ocean. Anyone

can have a word-processing. Well, the burned are up and at it again

their gain flailing knobs and flooding headphones while uploads whisper

those secrets that recoil after pressing on with the business. Oh, there

are many wonderful things to worry about! Like kind of partially

incomplete. SARS. Upturned leaves today give the appearance of

immaculate dogwood god-hungry jackal, slipping orbs almost Orphic but

moodily ore your ears scream, screw your ears. Damage like this is a

diamond to spell check. Almost anyone can have a habit of

word-processing. This avian flu has come muddied with dust moaning

yellow bathes in salt last month the whole belly of sounds bean tucked

away in raining folds thickening rapidly. Damn! Tits are a lovely

reminder of gravity! But it’s only a lake as of yet, here where glaciers

must have you on the coffee-table. You’ll maybe spend a few hours on

your ivory stilts maybe walking or lurching through cities the crust

removed and so exposed soft bread fiber at fruit. Having a sudo bash. 

Oh, she’s got this beautiful tapering down below! You wake to now slowly

wooden swollen fists. Later on the alarm has rungs.

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