[NetBehaviour] Review of Glorious Ninth/Interview with Marius Watz at Furtherfield.

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Review of Glorious Ninth
Interview with Marius Watz.


Artists - Glorious Ninth
Review Title - love_potion and Invisibility_Phial
Reviewer - Marc Garrett

When I first began writing this review I thought that I'd just be 
writing a couple of quick paragraphs in response to Glorious Ninth's 
latest artwork Invisibility_Phial. However this work has not only 
uncovered for me aspects of the nature of their artistic collaboration, 
but also how bringing everyday life into art adds essential value to art 
and culture. Through their recent work, Glorious Ninth (Kate Southworth 
& Patrick Simons) have created an intriguing interface introducing a 
more personal and emotional context. Their own lives become part of the 
works, that serve to introduce us to their world via their intuitive, 
creative practice.
Permlink - http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=305

Interview with  Marius Watz by Franz Thalmair

Marius Watz, an artist concerned with generative systems for creating 
visual form, still, animated, or realtime, argues in the following 
interview: "One of the privileges of Generative Art is that the author 
can easily be surprised by her own creation." Watz discovered the 
computer at age eleven and immediately found his direction in life. At 
age 20 he defected from Computer Science studies to do graphics for 
raves, using his programming to create organic shapes in 2D and 3D. In 
2005 Watz started Generator.x, a platform for Generative Art and Design 
which so far has resulted in a conference, a blog, a travelling 
exhibition and concert tour. Watz currently lives in Oslo and New York. 
His tools of choice are Java, Processing, VVVV and Flash. He continues 
to edit the Generator.x blog and prepare future Generator.x events, as 
well as teaching workshops in Computational Design and Generative Art.
Permlink - http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=304

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