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Call for premiered art competition!


The Open Wall, a 80 x 30 pixels resolution 201 inch LED screen.

ITovation, a project by the Faculty for Information Technology, 
Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, NTNU, and Trondheim Electronic 
Arts Centre, TEKS, invites you to an open art competition!

The Open Wall is a wall-mounted LED installation consisting of 96 
circuit boards containing 25 orange LED lights each, 2400 in total, with 
5 cm distance in all directions to the next light. The wall is 480 cm 
long and 180 cm high. One goal of the Open Wall project is to inspire 
reflection about Information and Communication Technology with focus on 
openness, copyrights, and authorship. The source code governing the Open 
Wall is available as an open source project on sourceforge.


The artist perspective for the contest is to exploit the artistic 
potential of possible technologies that can be implemented in the The 
Open Wall. Boundaries between digital art expressions and computer 
gaming are vanishing. We will in particular ask the contesters to 
investigate in artistic concepts that applies to the wall being an 
interactive and “living” object.

We aim at raising awareness and curiosity about multidisciplinary issues 
at the intersection between art and technology. Artistic expressions for 
the contest may look into ways of establishing interactive dialogs 
between an audience at sight or/and remote located, and the LED wall.

Project contributions can be expressed as a combination of sensor and 
actuator technologies that by example reads data from sources like 
sound, movement, climate, GPS, social mapping etc., as well as other 
methods for fetching external data information. Actuators in addition to 
the LEDs, if you find that necessary for your project, can be anything 
from sound output to robotic technologies. Your imagination is the limit!

The suggested artistic concept and content will be the jury’s main 
factor to consider. This means that though the technical aspects are 
vital for realizing this project, the contest will focus on the artistic 
concepts and ideas. We are therefore accepting contributions where the 
techniques necessary for realizing your project aren’t fully developed 
or in detail described. The jury expects nevertheless all technologies 
suggested by the contesters to be technical realizable.

The Open Wall project provides an interface for exploring possibilities 
for further development of artistic expressions used for permanent 
public installations. This contest is part of Trondheim Electronic Arts 
Centre´s strategy for trying to develop permanent interactive 
installations in the public space of the Trondheim region. The Open Wall 
can therefore be considered as a fragment of a greater installation. As 
this is a concept competition, we accept contributions that aren’t 
limited in size to this particular physical wall as such.

Contesters will have the opportunity to start a dialog with Trondheim 
Electronic Arts Centre independently of the contest result for further 
development of projects.


The price award will take place at this year’s festival for art and 
technology in Trondheim, Trondheim Matchmaking, the 16th - 18th of October.

The contest is divided in two prize categories:

- The Open Wall open contest.

1st prize 2000 €, 2nd prize 1500 €, 3rd prize 1000 €.

- The Open Wall Student Contest.

In addition to automatically participate in the Open Contest, 
contributions from NTNU students will be separately evaluated free of 
the guidelines for the open contest. Innovative technologies, 
outstanding use of tech tools and playful interactions are welcomed. 
Surprise the jury!

3 prizes of 2000 NOK each.

The jury:

The jury consist of five members:

* Stacey Spiegel, Artist, President of Parallel World Labs Inc
* Trine Eidsmo, Artist, Director of Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre
* Per Platou, Artist, Coordinator of The Production Network of 
Electronic Arts Norway
* Bjørn Alterhaug, professor, Department for Music, NTNU
* Letizia Jaccheri, professor, Department for Computer and Information 
Science, NTNU


Latest date for submissions is Monday the 15th of September 2008.


Contest submissions must contain a 2-300 words description of your 
project in addition to technical information, all formatted as PDF 
documents. Other necessary illustrative material of your choice are 
accepted. All material must be digital, and sent by email to 
thewall at list.stud.ntnu.no with “The Open Wall” as the subject.

In addition you can deliver software and other necessary files for 
running your project on the wall if you like. The technical 
documentation of the project is available. The source code governing the 
Open Wall is available as an open source project on sourceforge.

Contact information:

* e-mail: thewall at list.stud.ntnu.no.

All about the competition: http://org.ntnu.no/thewall

Other links:

We are looking forward!

Espen Gangvik, project manager, TEKS

Letizia Jaccheri, professor, NTNU

Bjarne Muri, student, organization Online, NTNU

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