[NetBehaviour] conversations, Spain, Online

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Jun 18 06:29:01 CEST 2008

1 Someone, Online

I don't know these people, where they are, who they are, where the
transmitter is. close to a half-hour, more interesting towards the
middle perhaps --- http://www.alansondheim.org/listening.mp3

2 Spain, Online

wonderful text modified from discussion for upcoming Second Life show

Sugar Seville is OnlineSeville: hi !You: Hi Sugar!Alan!- Sandy should be
coming on around now. I've been playingwith objects here. What I thought
to do if it's possible, make dozens of thesein the space that has video
projections; people would have move through them one way or another get
screens. so it akind rubble... we'd perform same as well did you want show
images?i really like they look me, what you're referringto? can more other
walls are beautiful!ah, was looking at back great, they'd workhere images
posted and sent me link called" double" They'd work. There lot well.
Any...sandy Taifun maybe good maingallery think sorts objects?Sandy's
Taifun: yes holloSandy!This bad acid trip! great!don't drink purple
coolaidfor long time wasn't able object s-now seem again (place
environment) just plugged earpohnes, no mic tonightyes, Sugar, hear me?she
amazing see sugarsorry can'tturn voiceOk, communicate by text speaking but
dont headphonesproblemprob lemaccepted your inventory offer.Maybe we
transport stuff sure, give forth easy enoughmany could take us place? I'd
my home moment alan: pixelate does oscillates machine It's clean objct;
bandwidth probably. dsl Tomorrow meet either rl sl?btw some new musical
instruments, traded crazyutoday moundsvgille SOUNDWISE CAN DO ANYTHING!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!sl, certainly. practice.now, any files onlinedirectory?
perhaps both set up helpe.g. alansondheim.orgprobably all them; I'm not
sure format needsthough whether mp4 w/h264 workable ok. cuz quickly
wvudirectory. let's wants. Sugar?yes?Is this stairs here?A few questions
Mattes still returnWhen doesSevi comne down Ah. Home position set.here,
come workj 0 each will need own parcelokcurrently divided into 3So thre
streams?top screen youll says zone 1 Yesooh, mine zone2?then may over line
2hee hee, that's right.guess screens where subdivide parcels fit fill much
objects, in, how screens?building rotatedd 8 degrees off axisSL 352
axis..rotate prims calls z package: avatar / avatar. knives. cut.
avatar-man talks. inside he says. it. construction torsion near
edge-space. limits world. anorecticlisten avatar-man. dream-woman.dream-
woman contaminated. condemned.  weird call y please slow upm
thankssooryproblem:-)part things unfamiliarw/ walkthrough, think, setting
stream scripted well, know. point it? otherwise, go tutorial something
similar? whenever ready url try i'm second there's an 'avafuck.mp4' put
love might too http://www.alansondheim,.org/avafuck.mp4 I'll check
www.alansondheim.org comma got in. most recent there compressed h264 &
handle ok, object/screen format? running left ear right depends
serverevery watching connecting separately We'd file from West Virginia
Univiersity use it, since risqueNikuko annoying times...mouse floor click
World Menu select About Land Media tab option sequence framesuploaded
played script what? shouold perhaps?saying cause out rangeopen world menu
about landmedia lets do?sorry, drawback besides push play, standing view
llle: viewed servers which lagadvantage hand changedeleting named 'x'
putting name case what'spossible firstyes. stream.http://www.alansond-
heim.org/avafuck.mp4 ? moving university speak, looks file,FreeView
Flatscreen TV: Welcome free,open-source television! niceidea is!** Error
deeded group. You must Remote control TV Guide. remote Video ->
Configuration menu. Please refer notecard further assistance. New URL
press play controllerviewerbetter friendplays automaticallyanything
screen? Perhaps facking back; gaz. gaz side, strangeworked once isntseeing
move, static picture?Sugar!!!!secfixxing horizontal ground?That's possibly
fly object? hard better?Yes, went The poster beautifulmovie shd far
good...never felt enormous life!gosh naked... :-)lost petit
literally?fors:-)))having always seems happen No texture found.
Settingdefault: 71b8ff26-087d-5f44-285b-d38df2e11a81 Error: Cannot modify
settings. owned owner. doing brbthank Offlineworking quite shd.Not yet...
By keep small keyboard; we'll very fancy (traded) server. um,there,
slightly different name... prudish that? problem. 'videox' 'videoy'
'videoz' when upload thosethree streams/slots; proper easily done.
changing so.current title gallery, graphic excellent, nothing all; also
doesn't 'clear up' reason sharp you? Bad Day Black Rock on, Azure's
absolutely incredible movie... no, other's seen.so, progress. Think btw,
tomorrow... vary diverse textures? half half; quality rubbe thanpresen-
tation. forget who trouble where? movie?let know backgroundoh spencer
tracy?nasty nastier climaxwesterns curious: one's, one's trancsendental
definitely, realize reminds L'Avventura missing character center...
reading Nagarjuna...ther's why shouldnt oh, buddhist westerns. thinking
eltopo others period. desert. sugar: guys button slinterface? Buddhists
forest Vedas! haven't seen topo... i.e. our end?donMan Michinaga getting
end.quicktime playersuggest then?wait little catch Ok.i'll laterWe
tomorrow stay -- figure mean pretty dayits qujicktime .mp4 .movaccording
linden needed compression1876.12 kbits/sthats data ratekinda high ask tech
supportconsumes huge itselfsay ahead h ere placeholder prim meeting late
afternoon early evening?How prim? (Apologies ignorance)rename info you,
time? bye!works earlier, 9stead ten? grr...!Sandy, sometime?Let
Skype?which?conversation w/sugar?were range?godtaken down, range.What?did-
n't that.whew!save Are available skype phone call?email bed. talk
afternoon? kids doctor

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