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Review of Net Art in Colombia: It’s Ugly and Doesn’t like the Cursor, by
Eduardo Navas.

This text is published in collaboration with Latinart.com; originally
published on March 5, 2008.

Curator: Juan Devis
Banco de la República - Museos de Arte y otras colecciones
September 5, 2007 to March 5, 2008

The exhibition Net Art in Colombia: It’s Ugly and Doesn’t Like the Cursor
curated by Juan Devis consists of online projects developed by Colombian
artists who approach the Internet as a medium worthy of aesthetic
exploration, as well as a tool of dissemination. While some members of
online new media communities in different parts of the world might consider
the term “net art” historically and geographically specific, as it becomes
obvious in this exhibition, the term is still at play in online culture
with diverse interests, and it need not be considered part of the past.
Devis contextualizes the exhibit as an expanding discourse driven by
conceptual preoccupations closely tied to political interests.

Devis took two years to organize this exhibition for Colombia’s Bank of the
Republic, being aware that he has not lived in Colombia for many years; he
currently resides in Los Angeles. This reality provides him,
simultaneously, with critical distance and cultural insiderism that he has
utilized to choose critical work which at times is aesthetically pleasing;
although, as the title of the exhibition implies, aesthetics is not the
primary preoccupation of all the artists. The result is a carefully
selected survey that reflects on the politics of Colombian culture.


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