[NetBehaviour] new music

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jun 19 08:39:24 CEST 2008

new music


You: this took the whole day to do; screens are set up in  %
away that allows them be viewed but it's difficult get there %
She's %
onlineI just sent her messageThat might due transparency do you %
thnk?tried cut back on %
itHi %
boys!have number of %
questions %
helloAlso is too %
risque?i'm not concerned with risque %
part- yes, totally dark darker?yes i can here %
heartotal freedom whatever wishIf world midnight looks %
great!very %
purpleThey could anywhere I'd tomorrowno %
problemI'll send BUNCH soundPut ANYWHERE!!i'll show real %
qwikOk, I've done %
ok, One %
minutesupload would betterdon't anything =need your preferences able  %
play it? %
videao independent mp %
did put final game %
in?still uploading. will videoy.mpbrbokwhat time %
tomorrow?what's good for %
you?x sureevening best mearound  if that's or  latermorning night me,  %
is. may night. %
lets thats %
evening?workswork %
earlierfine   %
better?stuff durring at my end most days full stuffing...lol!so,  %
want?We'll give you!Anytime amsleeps thnkagainlike %
people shouldn't broadcast their baby %
monitors...oh %
dearis? : %
)sweet chinny chin %
funnyhee circling van  %
recordingOh and sitting home GETTING OFF  %
That's great, see then. morenow? Would appreciate any feedbak  %
installation ok. going now. bye. thanks %
.our goodbyes always lateHeh!The closeups images somewhat  %
disturbing,  %
least hope We should ready well before %
thinksounds kind bump into these %
things...default physicalthought %
Then avatar now go blind it! can't  %
through prims! %
its %
fittingYes, %
agreemuch bumping %
aboutYes video though?phantom?phantom, %
Onlinemake sense imagesince ultimately %
flatother %
geometriesplaneagree; end?Oktransparentswant use floor..we testhow  %
wanted hole floor  %
another prim try %
yourself?texturethen omg streamrecorder<that was said some %
excitement>which much?let's trip over  them...[:] yuo want! %
course... %

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