[NetBehaviour] Azure Carter's Avatar Man With Dream Woman song

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jun 21 03:15:12 CEST 2008

Azure Carter's Avatar Man With Dream Woman song


(music, voice, Azure Carter, lyrics from Alan Sondheim's words,
Azure Carter)

I write to I you write not to simply you Hello you my now name not Anna,
many think to that see now Hello many name surprise Anna, see think
letter, to ask I a to lot you of not time simply give I me, not so you.
want surprise will by get that acquainted where with I you. took You so by
want where get took with yours and e-mail? I Certainly to it you secret
later and in tell not later a in secret this I letter. in from Cheboksary
Russia very live long city this Cheboksary letter. very I long from there
it was has one bothered after me, relations in has there bothered there
our after are me agencies about acquaintance my me good about girlfriend
good of girlfriend acquaintance which to also acquainted prompted the got
husband the USA husband through USA prompted through got agency, this have
of gone acquaintances agency paid acquaintances agency, paid gone money my
helped have find 1000 prince that 1000 find roubles yours distances and
e-mail told address roubles told me person I approaches and here you sit
person wish of much letter, myself. to To you 29 tell years not like
volleyball be much engaged I fitness to volleyball I spend fitness on I
open love air. classical am Gentle romantic and love time classical on
music. open Gentle air. fragile love girl and demands I respect. you
interests demands why to such find beautiful to does the itself beautiful
young does man not country, you certainly it, can very explain simply it,
had had can we 2 were relations together with 2 the while we started that
enjoy wish trust. find And the is I able do Because with do is search to
for love short the create hope present I happy short family. relations
hope wish knowingly agency spent acquaintances me. this send and photos
you letter me. pleasant very Your I new hope friend that Anna it looks
much forward looks hearing to

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