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Mon Jun 23 13:01:34 CEST 2008

Welcome to the June 08 issue Furthernoise.org where we are pleased to 
announce the launch of our new net release compilation Explorations in 
Sound, Vol 3. Music of Sound.

Inspired by the ideas of Pierre Schaeffer and Musique Concrète, 
contributing artists were invited to respond to the natural tones and 
rhythms in raw acoustic or constructed sound and field recordings. It is 
available as a high quality mp3 compilation, free to download from the 
site with folded printed sleeve. More information including artists 
statements in the Exploration in Sound feature.

Our audio player has again been restocked with new tracks from the 
issues reviews, so turn up the volume and sit back and enjoy !

Furthernoise issue June 2008

"Twenty Hertz profiled: Romancing the Drone" (feature)
Twenty Hertz is a musical platform for Paul Bradley and other 
sympathetic artists, including Monos, Keith Berry and Ubeboet. Since 
eponymous debut in 2003, on sometime collaborator, Colin Potter’s ICR 
label, Bradley has released a stream of textural works exploring the 
drone-based landscape. Sounds drawn from natural environments are 
combined with instruments - chiefly guitar – and shapeshifted through 
DSP manipulations into rich sonorous driftzones.
feature by Alan Lockett

"Explorations in Sound, Vol 3: Music of Sound - Various Artists" (review)
Explorations in Sound, Vol 3, The Music Of Sound is a compilation of 
sound works inspired by the tones, drones and rhythms of everyday life. 
Drawing on the ideas of Pierre Schaeffers' Musique Concrète movement, 
contributing artists were invited to respond to the tones, timbre and 
rhythms present in everyday acoustic sound, and field recordings.
review by Roger Mills

"La Reponse est aux pieds - José Luis Redondo" (review)
José Luis Redondo's album of solo guitar compositions is a 
testament to Redondo's dexterity and imagination. Using an unusual 
collection of stringed instruments, he accentuates the noises that most 
guitarists try to remove.
review by Caleb Deupree

"Musick for Two Machines - Barry Chabala & Phil Hargreaves" (review)
Musick for two machines is a double CD release, designed to be played on 
two CD/ MP3 players simultaneously, with both machines in shuffle mode. 
It is another collaboration in a line of Phil Hargreaves releases 
created via long distance file sharing on the net.
review by Roger Mills

"Palimpsesto - Thanos Chrysakis, Dario Bernal Villegas and Oli Mayne" 
Deriving from the Greek words for ‘again’ and ‘to rub smooth’, a 
palimpsest is, traditionally, a parchment that has been rubbed clean and 
then reused, each re-writing leaving its own faint traces. The musicians 
featured on Palimpsesto have set out to achieve this through sound:
review by Stacey Sewell

"Signal - Various Artists" (review)
SIGNAL, the first CD release by a UK label called Finetuned, compiles a 
broad spectrum of sound art, phonography and electro-acoustic 
composition. If I had to generalize, SIGNAL tends to feature pieces that 
are composed of abstract hums, meandering noises, or incidental digital 
artifacts devoid of human composition.
review by Derek Morton

"Slope - Steve Jansen" (review)
Steve Jansen plays an integral, though easily overlooked, role in the 
efforts of one David Sylvain in his endeavors as Nine Horses. On 
Jansen's first solo work, his first opportunity to step to the fore, one 
can hear tell of what he says only through the voice of another, through 
an intermediary.
review by Max Schaefer

"Substrate, L'Inondation -Yui Onodera & Mathias Delplanque" (review)
This tendency to dote on the sea, would it be owing to metaphor or 
metamorphosis? The latter is infinitely compelling, but then there is 
that transfixing tale, recounted by Emil Cioran, of the sea as 
consisting of God's tears. Hence our desire to drown in it, as a 
short-cut to God through his tears.
review by Max Schaefer

"The Subliminal Relation Between Planets, Dark Night - Andrea Marutti & 
Edward Ruchalski" (review)
A black surface from which no light escapes, a white dwarf that, having 
shed its envelop, burns unremittingly at the core, Andrea Marutti's work 
pushes dark ambient to its limit. The Subliminal Relation Between 
Planets, while continuing in this vein, sees his work spill over onto 
another logic, one that tears it open, lifts it up out of itself, and 
gives it a luminosity, dim and red.
review by Max Schaefer

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise


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