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Mon Jun 23 13:43:29 CEST 2008

folly, a leading digital arts organisation working in the Northwest of England and online, is looking to commission an article on "Video Editing with Open Source Tools" for the Digital Artists' Handbook.


The Digital Artists' Handbook is an up to date, reliable and accessible source of information that introduces artists to different tools, resources and ways of working related to digital art.

The goal of the Handbook is to be a signpost for tools, resources, and methods. A source of practical information and content that bridges the gap between new users and the platforms and resources that are available, but not always very accessible. The Handbook will be slowly filled with articles written by invited artists and specialists, talking about their tools and ways of working. Articles can take the shape of introductions to tools, as well as descriptions of methodologies and technologies.

When discussing software, the focus of this Handbook is on Free/Libre Open Source Software. The Handbook aims to give artists information about the available tools but also about the practicalities related to Free Software and Open Content, such as collaborative development and licenses. All this to facilitate exchange between artists, to take away some of the fears of artists when it comes to open content licenses, sharing code, and allowing them to have a look at various ways of working and collaborating. The focus is on practical consequences, not on political implications.

The Handbook was launched in March 2008. A number of articles were commissioned for this launch, including introductions to all the main handbook sections. One area we are seeking to increase the depth of content in is "Working with Digital Video", and we are looking for someone to write an article on the topic of "Video Editing with Open Source Tools". An introduction to "Working with Digital Video" has been published at www.digitalartistshandbook.org/node/28. We would like the article to pick up on the ideas introduced in the final paragraph of the introduction, using a number of tools in way of examples: 

"When you start working with free software as a videomaker, it is likely that you need to invest some time and energy in understanding certain basics of the video production process. Sometimes this might mean you have to look for alternative workflows, to dive 'under the hood' of a digital tool, or reconfigure an existing solution to suit your needs. Investigating the tools you use as a video maker is an important part of the job, it can help gain insights, it can be an inspiration to explore new ways of working and imagemaking." Peter Westenberg, Working with Digital Video, Digital Artists' Handbook, October 2007

A fee of £185 ex VAT is available to the writer of the "Video Editing with Open Source Tools" article.

For further information please email jennifer.stoddart 'at' folly.co.uk or call +44 (0)1524 388550

The deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 18th July 2008, 5.30pm BST. Expressions of interest should be sent by email to Jennifer Stoddart.

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