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Subject: Now forming Defense Co-op

Red76 and Ars Virtua invite the Second Life Builder and Arts communities to
an informal gathering to discuss a new crowd-sourced socially responsible
project, "Defense Co-op."

What is this?

Defense Coop (http://defense-coop.org) is a forum that connects Second Life
artists and builders with public defense attorneys throughout the United
States to help illustrate scenarios, using 3d graphic movies (machinima),
for the defense of indigent clients at trial.

"When a defendant stands trial, it is an agonizing experience. She faces the
accusations of the District Attorney, the police, and any independent
witnesses the State brings to testify against him. The police are trained
how to talk to and persuade juries. They know to come across as affable,
good natured people; they know to look at the jury when the speak; they know
how to answer the District Attorney's questions in a way that effectively
narrates the events in controversy. They have reports that they wrote just
after the events in controversy, which they review prior to testifying. They
understand the elements that the District Attorney must establish in order
to convict a defendant. Most importantly, they testify all the time - they
have lots of experience in the courtroom, and generally feel comfortable
there." -- Laura Baldwin (Red76 member, and Portland, Oregon public defense

A typical defendant has none of this and is frequently faced with limited
resources, compared to those of the state, to make a compelling, memorable,
believable case to the jury.  This is where Second Life simulation /
machinima can be of vital use.

When is it?

June 26 @ 6.30 pacific time (SLT - Second Life Time)


Liberty Hall (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Seventh%20Eye/245/173/301) in
Second Life

We will have a brief presentation by Laura Baldwin to talk about the issues
and then a discussion about what we think we can do to help as Second Life
builders and artisans, and concerned individuals committed to justice, and
legal equality for all peoples regardless of race, class, sexual
orientation, or ethnicity.

Who should attend?

Artists, builders, machinimists or just people in Second Life (or from
outside) who just want to see these people get a fair chance in court.

How will this be accomplished?

This is really a community based project so very little is decided except
the bare bones of the Defense Co-op framework. Defense Co-op, at its core,
is a connection point wherein two disparate skills set can meet and work
together for the benefit of the under-served within the United States
judicial system. One of the possibilities here is to create a library of
objects, places, and gestures that make it easy for a lawyer to get a
compelling machinima fairly quickly and easily with the assistance of Second
Life artisans, and also to consider and construct a flow of the process for
making these videos efficiently.


Because the system is frequently stacked against the defendant in this sort
of case, to use machinima and SL for the community and for a social good.

Who chooses the cases?  The Defense Co-op discussion board serves as a
way-station for the needs of indigent clients. As an example, public
defenders may use it to place calls to the community for assistance on
trials. Our goal is for the Defense Co-op site to become an open resource,
mailable to the needs of those who need our services most.

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: http://knott404.blogspot.com
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