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Helen Varley Jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Wed Mar 5 22:12:35 CET 2008

it is working for me, the blog site ...
(must learn german ... )

h : )

>*Hi Ursula,
>I just tried to access the project but got a blank page...
>Does this mean that it has not begun yet?
>>  *Taboo Theater 2.0*
>>  What: Blog and Internet/Theater project
>>  When: Online participation starts* NOW*; Theater project on location:*
>>  May 19-24*, 2008.
>>  Where: Online and at Theater am Neumarkt in Zuerich/Switzerland
>>  *Taboo Theater 2.0* is an Internet/Theater project by Ursula
>>  Endlicher, Ela Kagel and Anke Zimmermann, focusing on the question:/
>>  How much taboo does art need?/
>>  Historically it seems that theater has always embraced topics
>>  regarding the breaking or rethinking of ethical values in its society.
>>  What will a theater-production face when inviting a/ global society/
>>  with diverse approaches towards art, culture, and societal habits, to
>>  participate in it?
>>  In the blog section of this piece we are inviting everyone to submit
>>  images, sound files, texts, videos or comments on taboos in art,
>>  theater, literature, or on the Web, which will then be part of a
>>  week-long theater production at/ Theater am Neumarkt/Chorgasse/ in
>>  Zuerich from May 19-24, 2008. The Internet is our/ global stage/ and
>>  we are hoping that via the blog many different points of view will be
>>  conveyed, as they will co-determine the outcome of the piece. The
>>  structure and functionality of the blog will be translated onto the
>>  theater stage, where the collected content will be further worked on.
>>  More information/ Participate in this project:
>  > http://www.theateramneumarkt.ch/tabublog
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