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Helen Varley Jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Sat Mar 8 03:36:49 CET 2008

i think it's net art because it exists on the internet, it's made for 
the internet, it's experienced by us via the internet.

what other type of new media would you classify it as?

h : )

>Marc -
>I've come to this after a gap of several days, but I'd be interested 
>to know why you would characterise it as a piece of Net Art rather 
>than any other type of new media.
>I mean, I like it. It's nice and simple to navigate, it's got unity 
>of style (all the photos in black and white, all about the same 
>size, and all with that zizzy cross-hatching shimmering away in the 
>background), and I like the idea of cutting away all the human 
>figures, and various bits of the landscape or cityscape, so that the 
>background always seems to be bursting through. What I particularly 
>like is the way that the sound is used. Given that the fizzy 
>cross-hatched background seems suggestive of the net, 
>interference/electricity, technology in general, the obvious thing 
>to do would have been to have some kind of crackling static 
>soundtrack, instead of which you've used recordings of actual things 
>and places, often suggestive of events or objects which we can't see 
>in the pictures themselves, and therefore seeming to flesh out the 
>pictures with an extra dimension, suggesting "real life" in a way 
>which the pictures themselves, cut away as they are, wouldn't. To me 
>the most poignant screen is the one where someone's lounging on a 
>river-bank, and we get the sound of the running water - it should be 
>an idyllic scene - but both the figure on the bank and the river 
>itself have been removed and replaced by the fizzy background. It's 
>as if technology is like an acid eating away parts of life.
>But why is it called "Distant"? Most of the photographs look rather 
>old - they're black and white, of course. Does the title indicate 
>that they refer to an earlier era, a simpler way of life which has 
>now become distant from us because of technology? And, to repeat my 
>opening question, why is it Net Art rather than any other type of 
>new media?
>- Edward
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