[NetBehaviour] From Zittrain to Aristotle in 600 words.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Mar 9 23:55:37 CET 2008

 From Zittrain to Aristotle in 600 words.

Tony Curzon Price

 From the page: "JZ's thesis goes roughly that the Net is in danger: the 
openness that allowed it to flourish sows the seeds of its closure. 
Pragmatic, expert-driven communities "got things done" on the Net, all 
the way from the protocol stack in the Internet's innards to its Domain 
Name Server (DNS) system to Wikipedia. But forces of organised interests 
that do not play by the rules, like malware peddlers, identity thieves 
and spammers are allowing another army of interests---corporate 
protectionists, often--- to demand centralised, authoritarian solutions. 
This is the future of the Net unless we stop it. The lecture---and 
forthcoming book, I presume---are about how we navigate the perils 
ahead. First JZ's taxonomy of organisational forms."


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