[NetBehaviour] Driven- a dilemma of coexistence - by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 11:25:53 CET 2008

What's not to like about a piece of work that contains
the word "PURVIEW" ?
This is great - everything is simple but ( actually
not 'but' - 'hence') effective. I love the little
music loop. 
It's an example of a the big being conveyed by the
small, which always works for me.
Takes awhile to load - the are a couple of traps to
getting to the body of it for the unwary/impatient
-(1) first finding the title & first link
(2) the load time on the piece proper -I know you warn
us but I thought for a brief moment that it had
crashed my old laptop -because you just get that white
Is the first shot Manor Park?
look forward to more
--- Ruth Catlow <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org> wrote:

> Driven- a dilemma of coexistence
> by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow
> ---------------------------------------------
> http://diwologue.net/driven/
> ---------------------------------------------
> Two people attempt to resolve a recurring argument.
> Their  
> conversation is transcribed into 2 frames in a
> single browser. Lag  
> starts to interfere with the flow of statements and
> responses.
> 'Driven' can be viewed in most Internet browsers and
> requires no  
> plugins. It can be accessed in two ways. Either by
> individuals with  
> personal computers, who can click through the work
> at their own pace,  
> or projected with sound in public spaces where it
> has its own tempo.
> The first page may take a while to load. Please turn
> up your volume.
> ---------------------------------------------
> This is the first in a planned series of artworks
> for DIWOlogue by  
> Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow.  During March 2008
> Marc Garrett and  
> Ruth Catlow are researching tools and creating
> collaborative artworks  
> and online events as part of the Liminal Screens
> Residency Programme  
> with the support of the BNMI at the Banff Centre.
> For more info  - Visit the blog
> http://diwologue.net/blog/
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