[NetBehaviour] Driven- a dilemma of coexistence - by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 23:57:29 CET 2008

< "NEWS ALERT: Firefox plugins impede fluid experience
 of networked  
 Fluxus film."
 My browser is so chokka with plugins now that it
 takes 10 seconds  
 minimum to load each page.>
ah! - but you have to load the film into your
browser's cache first - so you click through the whole
sequence once & *then* you use the back button to play
it the correct way round -it should work completely
smoothly then..
Or did you do that and my planning wasn't good enough
-is that what you're saying Ruth? Well, is it? IS IT?

I see 'Driven' made the Rhizome reblog :)
Looking forward to a steady stream of art goodies!

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