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: : Art Leisure Instead of Art Work: Randall Szott of LeisureArts and 
Dilettante Ventures talks to intheconversation about collections, 
cooking, and infra-institutional activity. : : Randall Szott and Pamela 
Fraser are starting an exhibition and event series in their home called 
He Said, She Said.

: : Field Test: Hideous Beast's investigative restaging of N55's iconic 
SHOP. Exploring reenactment as a form of critical theory, Josh Ippel and 
Charlie Roderick's report back from their field testing of N55's SHOP at 
the Open Engagement Conference. : : Hideous Beast is currently 
conducting a new Field Test at XPACE in Toronto.

: : Service-Works: Josh Greene funds his own series of artist grants 
with nights of waiting tables. Intheconversation presents a selection of 
four Service-Works grant projects by Helena Keeffe, Jenny Zhang, Amanda 
Herman, and Stuart Keeler with stories about the nights Josh Greene 
spent earning the money to fund them. : : Josh Greene's Some Parts Might 
Be Greater Than the Whole: A Social Studies Initiative is on view now at 
the Arizona State University Art Museum.

INTHECONVERSATION presents texts and documents about experiential, 
participatory and social artworks. Your comments are welcome.

: : http://intheconversation.com
: : talk at intheconversation.com

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