[NetBehaviour] The Elephant in the Room at Access Space

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Mar 12 15:46:24 CET 2008

Hi Jake,

Great project...

I'm in Canada right now, I hope that the event goes well.

the 15th is also my birthday - so I'll be celebrating that evening.

wishing you well.

> You are invited to
> 'The Elephant in the Room'
> a talk and discussion with Ele Carpenter
> Saturday 15th March, 2pm
> ACCESS SPACE, 1 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK
> (in the Cultural Industries Quarter, opposite the Rutland Arms)
> This is the third talk in the 'Swing That Art Bat' series by No Fixed Abode.
> Ele will be talking about bric-a-brac, the elephant in the dark and the
> elephant in the room as an introduction to re-use economies, multi level
> perception, and the invisible processes of social engagement.
> Swing That Art Bat has been developed by artist duo No Fixed Abode in
> conjunction with Access Space.
> What is an "Art Bat"? It is, put very simply, a representation of an artist's
> practice, allowing the usual language and vocabulary to be circumvented. It
> need not actually be a bat (nor any other kind of sports equipment for that
> matter!), it can be any object which you think represents you and your work -
> see below for a fuller description.
> You are invited to contribute your own "art bat" which will be added to the
> exhibition here. All you need to do is bring it in/post it to us at Access
> Space, or write a post to the Swing that Art Bat blog with a brief explanation
> and we'll attempt to source the object and add it to the others.
> This metaphor offers the opportunity to reflect on the vicissitudes of
> artistic activity in a way that circumscribes the conventional vocabularies
> and language tools used to these same ends.
> This project will run for four weeks at Access Space and exist as a Blog
> online.
> www.swingthatartbat.org.uk
>  Saturday 15th March 14:00
>  Ele Carpenter presents 'The Elephant in the Room'
>  Tensions between object and process in socially engaged new media art.
>  Saturday 29th March 14:00
>  Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan (Freee art collective) present 'How to Bat;
>  How the artists bat enables one to question the popular misconception
>  of art being a universal or disinterested field of practice.'
>  Please send us your ideas, texts, pictures, ideas and suggestions for
>  development and help the art bat become a reality.
>  http://www.nofixedabode.org.uk/swingthatartbat.html
>  http://www.swingthatartbat.org.uk
>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Horatio Eastwood and Terry Slater
> No Fixed Abode
> www.nofixedabode.org.uk
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> The Access Space Arts Programme is supported by the Arts Council of England
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Jake Harries
> Digital Arts Programme Manager
> 1 Sidney St
> Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK
> t: +44 (0)114 249 5522
> w: www.access-space.org
> Reg. Charity 1103837
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