[NetBehaviour] Call for Performance Proposals: Tuned City - Between sound and space, speculation

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Sat Mar 22 00:30:25 CET 2008

Call for Performance Proposals: Tuned City - Between sound and space

Tuned City is seeking proposals for short performances and artist
presentations addressing issues of sound and architecture. These
proposals should relate to one or more of the topics listed below, and
should include links to online documentation of the proposed
performance/presentation, or to similar work by the same artist/author.
The deadline for proposals is April 30 2008, but proposals will be
considered as they are received. Please submit proposals in English.

ADDRESS: proposals at tunedcity.de


Tuned City - Between sound and space speculation is an exhibition and
conference project planned for 1-6 July 2008 in Berlin which proposes a
new evaluation of architectural spaces from the perspective of the
acoustic. The project draws the traditions of critical discussion about
urban space within the architecture and urban planning discourse–as well
as its strategies and working methods–into the context of sound art.
This expanded discussion reinforces the potential of the spatial and
communicative properties of sound as a tool and means of urban practice.

At the foundations of this event are artists’ works and theoretical
approaches which examine in a critical and sensitive way the given urban
and architectural situations alongside their resulting socio-political
implications, that re-use existing spaces or that conceive and open new

A dialog will be built at the intersection of both disciplines which
traces out the complex relations and interactions of space-sound, both
presenting and testing new strategies, methods, possibilities and
potentials of sound work within the artistic and applied context.


The Built Space:
- examples that illustrate phenomena, problems or possibilities in the
relation of sound and architecture
- usage of architecture as a space for sound and as an instrument

The Public Space:
- relation of sound and city
- situated sonic practices, site-specific sound awareness
- sound as a system of social communication, division and defense
- mobile sound

The Imaginary / Speculative Space:
- hearing-space - virtual acoustic spaces
- sound space in relation to human anatomy, memory and psyche
- mechanics and principles of translating sound into architecture and
vice versa


Carsten Stabenow
Gesine Pagels
Carsten Seiffarth
Derek Holzer
Anke Eckardt
Anne Kockelkorn


Kastanienallee 73
10435 Berlin
email: tc at tunedcity.de
Tel.: 0049 / 30 / 44052612
Fax: 0049 / 30 / 44357415

derek holzer ::: http://www.umatic.nl ::: 
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