[NetBehaviour] Intellectual Property Donor, let ideas outlive the body.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Mar 23 01:12:21 CET 2008

Intellectual Property Donor, let ideas outlive the body.

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The term "intellectual property" (IP) denotes the specific legal rights 
which authors, inventors and other IP holders may hold and exercise, not 
the intellectual work itself. Under the intellectual property laws, the 
holder of one of these abstract "properties" has certain exclusive 
rights concerning the creative work, commercial symbol, or invention. 
The basic rationale for intellectual property laws is to somehow protect 
the inventor, author, or creator rights. However, various school of 
thought are critical on the "intellectual property" concept and how to 
deal with it; indeed, some argue that use of the term "property" in this 
context is itself misleading.


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