[NetBehaviour] Web site for Dutch anti-Quran film suspended by host.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Mar 24 01:47:03 CET 2008

Web site for Dutch anti-Quran film suspended by host.

tThe Web site where Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders was promoting his 
not-yet-released anti-Quran film has been suspended by its U.S. hosting 
service, Network Solutions.

The site formerly showed the film's title, "Fitna" — "Coming Soon" — and 
an image of a gilded Quran. Now it shows a note that the company is 
investigating whether the site violates its terms of service.

"Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this 
site that are under investigation," the note said.

While the exact contents of the 15-minute movie, due to be released by 
March 31, are unknown, Wilders has said it will underscore his view that 
Islam's holy book is "fascist."

Dutch officials fear the movie could spark violent protests in Muslim 
countries, similar to those two years ago after the publication of 
cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper.


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