[NetBehaviour] Plateau Reached

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 3 08:24:45 CET 2008

Plateau Reached

http://www.alansondheim.org/ aaa series - video kanji stills on complex
hypertropied objects (very beautiful)
http://www.alansondheim.org/both.mp4 - reworking the hermaphrodite
(short, dark)
http://www.alansondheim.org/kanjj3.mov - aaa series in video (fairly
http://www.alansondheim.org/ aabod series - 1-7 images used in body
mapping; a-f beginnings of hypertrophia (some quite nice)

my end of a conversation with  Miulew Takahe  in Second Life:

[14:48]  Alan Dojoji: If you're in the outer section turn the video
on -
[14:49]  Alan Dojoji: I've been tuning it.
[14:49]  Alan Dojoji: That's a LONG time in SL
[14:49]  Alan Dojoji: I've been changing the space almost daily
[14:50]  Alan Dojoji: I've been here a lot - I don't know how long
I'll have to use the space (Sugar's been out of touch)
[14:50]  Alan Dojoji: and there's a lot I want to do
[14:51]  Alan Dojoji: I hope so - I have performances coming up and
want to carefully deconstruct the space, not take it down quickly
[14:56]  Alan Dojoji: Fairly often. It's gotten more confusing/denser
as time goes on
[14:56]  Alan Dojoji: I keep adding the physical attribute to some of
the objects to watch/record them going off-world
[14:57]  Alan Dojoji: And I'm trying to make the space a kind of
liquid architecture/malleable space/deconstruction, whatever, doing a
lot of writing about it
[14:57]  Alan Dojoji: :-) it's hard to create density in such a small
area - so I don't intrude on other works in Odyssey -
[14:57]  Alan Dojoji: It's like Manhattan
[14:57]  Alan Dojoji: it goes up and down, not sideways
[14:58]  Alan Dojoji: Manhattan is HUGE underground with subways
pipes water conduits archaeological remnants, fairly amazing
[14:58]  Alan Dojoji: But it doesn't move like this and it weighs
[14:59]  Alan Dojoji: That's part of the idea, a kind of negotiation
[14:59]  Alan Dojoji: My avatar is almost impossible to move at this
point - I can't see around it -
[14:59]  Alan Dojoji: but it writes in the sky
[15:00]  Alan Dojoji: No, I think text would ruin it - it's more a
landscape without signage, some sort of wilderness
[15:01]  Alan Dojoji: it connects directly with the writings which
are kind of a naturalist's take on the thing. like looking at
[15:04]  Alan Dojoji: I collected them when I was youmnger - a kind
of reading you have to do in an archaic landscape
[15:05]  Alan Dojoji: constantly with video and images, but it's hard
to get the details.
[15:05]  Alan Dojoji: I'm running video now -
[15:05]  Alan Dojoji: I'd like to get a decent record but it's
[15:06]  Alan Dojoji: On the other hand we're making a cd, some of
this music will be on it.
[15:07]  Alan Dojoji: Yes if you run the music in the space - there
are different songs in different regions
[15:08]  Alan Dojoji: I think the sounds adds but I've heard it too
often - I don't change it as much as the rest of it
[15:11]  Alan Dojoji: Wow - it kept your avatar that long! I'm going
to log off myself at the moment; I want to edit the video
[15:11]  Alan Dojoji: Nice seeing you as well! Perhaps in Sweden -
[15:11]  Alan Dojoji: Do look down below the exhibition space and in
the skysphere above if you have tihe time - they're different
[15:11]  Alan Dojoji: Thanks - talk with you soon -
[15:11]  Alan Dojoji: bye now
[15:12]  Alan Dojoji is Offline

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