[NetBehaviour] Blue Bath

maja kalogera maya at kalogera.net
Thu Nov 6 12:56:39 CET 2008

Blue Bath

Nano Gallery invites you to participate in Blue Bath, an internet-connected 
ambiental art installation by artist Maja Kalogera on show at the gallery 
from Nov 7th, 8p.m. through Nov 16th 2008. You can participate via project's 
website http://www.kalogera.net/blue_bath/.

Maja Kalogera is an artist who has been playing around with new media and 
net.art for some years. She lives and works in Zagreb. She exhibits online 
and offline . More: www.kalogera.net

More info about Nano Gallery at www.artenativa.hr

Blue Bath is part of Art METAMEDIA - a series of exhibitions and new media 
projects at the Nano Gallery 2008 under patronage of Ministry of Culture RH 
and City of Zagreb.

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