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14th to 17th of November 2008 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

A10LAB & SCIE PROTOCOL are invited to the MobilFest III









?The Farther we emerge from the inner city, the more political the  
atmosphere becomes. We reach the docks, the inland harbors, the  
warehouses, the poor neighborhoods, the scattered refuges of  
wretchedness: the outskirts. Outskirts are the state of emergency of a  
city, the terrain on which incessantly rages the great decisive battle  
between town and country. It is nowhere more bitter between Marseilles  
and the provençal landscape. It is the hand-to-hand fight telegraph  
poles against agaves, barbed wire against thorny palms, the miasmas of  
stinking corridors against the damp gloom under the plane trees in  
brooding squares, short-winded outside staircases against the mighty  
hills. The long rue de Lyon is the powder conduit which Marseilles has  
dug in the landscape so that in Saint-Lazare, Saint-Antoine, Arenc,  
Septèmes it can blow up this terrain, burying it in the shrapnel of  
every national and commercial language. Alimentation, Moderne, rue de  
Jamaïque, Comptoir de la Limite, Savon Abat-Jour, Minoterie de la  
campagne, Bar du Gaz, Bar Falcutatif - and over all this lies the dust  
that here conglomerates out of sea salt, chalk, and mica, and whose  
bitterness persists longer in the mouths of those who have pitted  
themselves against the city than the splendor of sun and sea in the  
eyes of its admirers.? Walter Benjamin ?Marseilles - The Return of the  
Flâneur, 1929?

Using ?The City?, as a cyborg organism, driven by the interchangeable  
machinery of flesh and concrete in equal measure, steered by progress  
and technology into previously unreachable dimensions, Open Scripts  
will attempt to amplify the permutations of the city's interior  
reactions to its shifting techno-meaderthalls or human glitches in its  
well oiled machine.

Participants will be asked to embark on the journey of a modern day  
flaneur as they navigate, observe and impose on the city. These  
observations, inflections and/or interruptions caused to the natural  
ebb and flow of the city's are to be transmitted across the city from  
a plurality of points. A live mix from these data streams will be  
returned to each derive/flaneur and simultaneously broadcast across  
the net, both producing and reproducing the city and its flesh.

Equipped with mobile phones, the participants can team up to create  
and organize their own derive - their desired path into the belly of  
this city. During these expeditions into the city's inertia, our  
techno-meaderthalls would connect to the pulsating brain of our server  
- the grey matter of this operation - with its nervous system of  
mobile phones stimulating its neurons with sensory data - voices,  
chattering, street sounds, text messages/poetics, videos and images.  
Information which has designs on the attention of our ?deriver? will  
be collected, manipulated, transformed , reproduced and broadcast.  
This information may be a description of a situation, place or sound  
that the participants capture, record or produce and may take the form  
of a discussion or interview just as easily as being that of an image  
or text.

Meanwhile, the server, our automated system, will collect the data  
received from our Derivers and transform this into an audio- visual  
composition of the city through processes akin to that of Burrows'  
cuts-up, the digital design of this neural stem will be both  
controlled by the participants and/or online users. This automaton  
will broadcast the data stream over web-radio. By allowing the  
possibility for anyone to access and to manipulate the data input by  
our techno-meaderthalls (text, photos, videos?etc) the city will  
multiply and transform inside-out, outside-in, both virtually and  
through its physical embodiment!

As a perpetual mirroring of the machine and its participants, a  
psycho-geographical mind-mapping is created through the flux of  
desired data yielded from the city, in order to produce, reproduce and  
reflect a new vision of the city, viewed via the techno-meaderthall's  
own path, journey, derive, performance, action and interpretations. A  
techno-pirate's geographical disassemblage, a dissemination of  
interconnected points of views that are all the time crossing over  
with each other and with themselves. Each path begins from the  
singular, but become multiplied through the potential of  
reinterpretation as driven by the machine and/or other derivers. Their  
ubiquitous presence, catching the real without closing it, opening  
nodes of bilateral trans-communication, the ?deriver? swims in the  
streets of his own memory and the memory of his fellow city derivers.

Marching to a different beat, The Scie Protocol builds a continuity in  
the cycles (derive / performance / live stream / archives /  
interaction) of the city. The workshop is constructed by the exchanges  
made with individuals or groups desiring lines through the city - maps  
are to be re-interpreted, re-played whilst the machine will  
continuously accumulates, archives and processes information given or  
sent by the participants - this data is then re-injected into the  
next, new collation of the following day - thus, the past is visibly  
and sonically returned to the present to create the future.

By J. Pickett & J. Ottavi


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