[NetBehaviour] dizzler?

james of jwm-art net james at jwm-art.net
Mon Nov 17 13:34:49 CET 2008


Is anybody familar with dizzler.com? I've noticed it mentioned in my
website's logs several times and thought I'd find out what it's about.

Firstly a google search 'site:http://dizzler.com jwm' returns nothing,
but on visiting the site, dizzler's inbuilt search returns six of my
audio tracks.

Naturally I wonder how these got there. It turns out dizzler.com is, more
or less, a search engine. It's position is interesting, on the one hand
it mentions (briefly) it's software is copyright and patent protected,
but on the other (their philosophy):

    *  We believe that Intellectual property law should not serve as a
brake on technological innovation.
    * We believe that no one should arbitrarily limit or restrict the
access to content in the public domain.
    * We believe that Dizzler is expanding the way people use the
information on the public Internet.
    * We believe copyright holders must face the new realities of the
digital age by adopting a looser interpretation of how their content is
used, "sampled” or licensed. Dizzler is ready to work with them in
negotiating this new world.

Also interesting is the fact 'dizzler' cannot tell if material it finds
is copyrighted or not, and they can present it until given a takedown
notice, plus there is the 'framing' clause which allows them to
present something provided it's not 'copied' to their server.


I'm not sure how grateful I am that my material appears there. I've not
had time to wait for the flash widgets to download (via dialup) and to
see what happens, but:

"This encryption prevents Dizzler users from accessing the actual paths
to content in order to thwart inappropriate downloading, copying or
sharing of files."

or in reality prevent users from actually visiting the real website
providing the content.

Just wondered what other's might think to this? Kind of exploitative I
think... ?


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