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marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Nov 17 14:23:22 CET 2008

Hi Rob,

I think that it is an excellent book. I found Simon Yuill's text very
interesting, so much so that I have read it twice now.

Aymeric Mansoux's & Marloes De Valk's preface was a pretty well written
introduction for the FLOSS+Art publication.

I enjoyed Nancy Mauro Flude's personal take on Linux 'Linux for Theatre
Makers: Embodiment & Nix Modus Operandi'.

oRx-qX's - Information Nomads and Community Surfing. Was cool...

What I find reassuring is that many of the writers also practice media
art themselves, which brings things a bit closer for artists, because I
have experienced a divide between techies and artists, and it ain't cute.

To be honest, I enjoyed most of it and learnt much & will read it many
times :-)

I only wish that the book was released before the interview now - there
would of been a few more questions about the publication and some of the
ideas discussed in it. Another time in the future perhaps.

When I have more time (putting some reviews up on furtherfield today) it
would be great to talk about some of the texts in greater detail.

It is definately equal to Node.London's Media Mutandis publication via
Mute. Although, Media Mutandis was accessible free online for download,
it would be good to know why the FLOSS+Art and publication is not also
free online, the decisions behind this. Especially when they are
exporing themes linked to this, but of course they need the cash and do
so much for free anyway, so it is hard to criticize them on this level.


> > While there, we read and discussed these books below: [...]
> >
> > FLOSS+Art. Published by OpenMute, with the support of the University of
> > Huddersfield and the ?Willem de Kooning Academie.
> > http://goto10.org/flossart/

What did you think of the book? I don't think I can review it because
I'm in it. I'm about half way through now and I'm enjoying the mix of
articles. From what I've read so far I think it serves as a good
follow on to the Node.L reader as well as a good historical overview
of the live coding, free culture and art law scenes.

- Rob.
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