[NetBehaviour] Back from our break away...

helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Tue Nov 18 01:04:06 CET 2008

sounds like a great break, marc & ruth : )

"women of ideas" is an old favourite of mine - coincidentally, i pulled 
it off the shelf at the weekend to look something up : )  my copy of the 
FLOSS+Art book arrived the other day & is in the pile by my bed - i've 
only read nancy's chapter so far, which i enjoyed, & am looking forward 
to dipping into it some more (in between john berger's "hold everything 
dear", the 13th issue of the open page, & "learn spanish the lazy way" ... )

h : )

marc garrett wrote:
> Hi Annie,
> We discussed 'Women of Ideas and what Men Have Done to Them' a lot. It
> was good to pick to it up again for a more detailed read.
> I found it extremely relevant. I think that it deserves another read by
> all, especially men.
> marc
>> Thanks for sharing Marc
>> I just bought "Women of Ideas and what Men Have Done to Them".
>> bye
>> Annie
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