[NetBehaviour] The Loft

Kamen Nedev kamennedev at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 06:55:16 CET 2008

Section 1 - The Loft

The sun is a backdrop. The sun is in the Mezzanine.

The Mezzanine is a room. "You ruch upstairs, climb up the fifth  
flight of stairs, breathless, staring at the big hole up above."

Slightly Wrong the Chamber is above the Mezzanine. "[if unvisited] So  
this is the room they found yesterday. A full study, left intact and  
walled up in what must have once been an attic of sorts. Crazy. You  
remember asking the architect about that weird air chamber just above  
the mezzanine of the loft, but no-one could have imagined this. [end  
if] The chamber looks just like those parts of your grandparents'  
attic you needn't be told not to go into."

A desk is here. "An old, mouldy desk is set up against the wall.  
You'd expect to see a window in front of it, but there are no windows  
here, even the door had been walled up." It is fixed in place.

On the desk there are some papers. "There are some papers on the desk  
- or whatever that is, you expect it to be a pile of sheets."

A drawer is a kind of container. The desk contains a drawer. The  
drawer is closed. It is fixed in place and openable.

A filing cabinet is a kind of container. The old filing cabinet is  
here. "That thing under the desk looks like one of those filing  
cabinets you remember from your Dad's study." The filing cabinet is  
closed. It is fixed in place, openable, and locked.

Kamen Nedev


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