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Are these art objects?!

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 2:24 PM, Pall Thayer <pallthay at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've got some work for sale. Here's the long and short of it.
> I'm going to be exhibiting a piece of mine called Exist.pl (some of
> you may remember it as it was developed via discussions here on the
> list as well as other lists) at the MakeArt festival in France in a
> couple of weeks. The work will also be exhibited as part of the Piksel
> festival in Bergen, Norway. Here in Iceland we have what's called The
> Center for Icelandic Art. Their job is to provide financial assistance
> to artists taking their work abroad. They're the only source for
> travel grants for short trips like this one. I applied, I got rejected
> (with no explanation of why), I have this nagging feeling that they
> don't "get" this type of art. So what I would like to do now, is to
> sell copies of this work to get some funds towards the trip (I had
> already bought flight tickets before I got rejected). The work
> consists of a piece of software running on a computer. It doesn't
> produce any output but it's doing a lot of background work. So to
> provide the viewer with some information on what's going on, four A2
> sized posters, displaying the source code at various stages of the
> softwares development, will be displayed.
> The software itself is free under the GPL license and lives at
> http://code.google.com/p/existpl
> But I have for sale a limited edition of twenty sets of these posters.
> I'll only sell them in sets. There are four posters in the set. These
> are signed and numbered, high quality color prints suitable for
> framing. Ideally, they would be displayed in a row on a wall with a
> computer nearby to run the software when the owner chooses (but this
> entirely up to the purchaser of the work). You can see a small version
> of what they look like at the following URLs:
> http://pallit.lhi.is/~palli/code1.pdf<http://pallit.lhi.is/%7Epalli/code1.pdf>
> http://pallit.lhi.is/~palli/code2.pdf<http://pallit.lhi.is/%7Epalli/code2.pdf>
> http://pallit.lhi.is/~palli/code3.pdf<http://pallit.lhi.is/%7Epalli/code3.pdf>
> http://pallit.lhi.is/~palli/code4.pdf<http://pallit.lhi.is/%7Epalli/code4.pdf>
> The price is $50 per set. If I manage to sell all twenty sets, this
> will provide enough to cover printing and mailing costs, with the
> remainder being approximately what I applied for from The Center for
> Icelandic Art.
> On top of being colorful and thought provoking, they create an
> interesting visual pattern when lined up together.
> Please contact me offlist if you're interested.
> Pall Thayer
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