[NetBehaviour] Avatars consume as much electricity as Brazilians.

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Tue Nov 18 22:21:19 CET 2008

Avatars consume as much electricity as Brazilians.

Tony Walsh has, as others do, some doubts about whether Second Life is
sustainable as a business. But he also poses another question that I
hadn't come across before: "Is Second Life sustainable ecologically?"

He quotes Philip Rosedale, the head of Linden Lab, the company behind
the virtual world: "We're running at full power all the time, so we
consume an enormous amount of electrical power in co-location facilities
[where they house their 4,000 server computers] ... We're running out of
power for the square feet of rack space that we've got machines in. We
can't for example use [blade] servers right now because they would
simply require more electricity than you could get for the floor space
they occupy."


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