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Kamen Nedev kamennedev at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 08:36:34 CET 2008

Hmmm, maybe.

I did come up with a similar idea once, when applying for funding.  
The idea was to send in the project with a distribution licence which  
basically prohibits *reading* the project at all. Since most  
institutions acknowledge receipt blindly, that would have set them in  
an impossible position: they would have to at least read the project  
to reject it, but they cannot read it without breaching IP laws. So  
their only viable option would be to accept and approve it, blindly.  
(Anyone heard about Spanish bureacracy?)

Then again, I never got around to it, so maybe it wasn't a very good  
idea in the first place.

On the other hand, when you purchase, say, a video (for a screening,  
for an exhibition, for your "collection"), you don't really buy *the  
work* itself - you actually purchase a certain kind of reproduction/ 
screening rights, limited depending on the context, and with vaying  
prices according to that. If your copy proves to be deffective, or is  
damaged, the distributor/gallery will provide you with a new one, the  
copy itself is not important.

So that makes sense.




On 18/11/2008, at 23:02, Pall Thayer wrote:

> I like this idea Kamen. I think you should do it. It would make for a
> very profound statement. In fact, the statement suggested by the
> licensing would be so profound that it really wouldn't matter what the
> actual work was.
> On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 7:21 PM, Kamen Nedev <kamennedev at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
>> Me, I'd set up an *astonishing* price and a mind-blowing EULA.   
>> Bog it down
>> with the clumsiest imaginable DRM.  Set up different licences  
>> (single user,
>> multiple-machine, etc.).
>> Max. three re-installs, then you need a new licence.
>> Dunno.
>> Might work out, just as a performance piece.
>> Now, seriously.
>> A nice way to set up a deal is as a donation.
>> Otherwise, and without getting cynical, you can sell a certain  
>> guarantee - a
>> support service, for example.
>> The free software economic model seems to work... Slowly, but it  
>> does.
>> Good luck,
>> Kamen
>> http://www.waitingforcargo.net
>> On 18/11/2008, at 17:33, patrick simons wrote:
>> (Reposted as act of friendlyness by patrick simons..sorry)
>> I
>> 've got some work for sale. Here's the long and short of it.
>> I'm going to be exhibiting a piece of mine called Exist.pl (some of
>> you may remember it as it was developed via discussions here on the
>> list as well as other lists) at the MakeArt festival in France in a
>> couple of weeks. The work will also be exhibited as part of the  
>> Piksel
>> festival in Bergen, Norway. Here in Iceland we have what's called The
>> Center for Icelandic Art. Their job is to provide financial  
>> assistance
>> to artists taking their work abroad. They're the only source for
>> travel grants for short trips like this one. I applied, I got  
>> rejected
>> (with no explanation of why), I have this nagging feeling that they
>> don't "get" this type of art. So what I would like to do now, is to
>> sell copies of this work to get some funds towards the trip (I had
>> already bought flight tickets before I got rejected). The work
>> consists of a piece of software running on a computer. It doesn't
>> produce any output but it's doing a lot of background work. So to
>> provide the viewer with some information on what's going on, four A2
>> sized posters, displaying the source code at various stages of the
>> softwares development, will be displayed.
>> The software itself is free under the GPL license and lives at
>> http://code.google.com/p/existpl
>> But I have for sale a limited edition of twenty sets of these  
>> posters.
>> I'll only sell them in sets. There are four posters in the set. These
>> are signed and numbered, high quality color prints suitable for
>> framing. Ideally, they would be displayed in a row on a wall with a
>> computer nearby to run the software when the owner chooses (but this
>> entirely up to the purchaser of the work). You can see a small  
>> version
>> of what they look like at the following URLs:
>> http://pallit.lhi.is/~palli/code1.pdf
>> http://pallit.lhi.is/~palli/code2.pdf
>> http://pallit.lhi.is/~palli/code3.pdf
>> http://pallit.lhi.is/~palli/code4.pdf
>> The price is $50 per set. If I manage to sell all twenty sets, this
>> will provide enough to cover printing and mailing costs, with the
>> remainder being approximately what I applied for from The Center for
>> Icelandic Art.
>> On top of being colorful and thought provoking, they create an
>> interesting visual pattern when lined up together.
>> Please contact me offlist if you're interested.
>> Pall Thayer
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