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Do you have an ISBN for this book? I cannot find reference to one on the



On 19/11/08 23:27, "Alan Sondheim" <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:

> The Accidental Tourist,
> Essays on the phenomenology of virtual worlds, with special attention paid to
> Second Life
> - Alan Sondheim
> Book available from FORT!/DA?
> http://www.pd.org/~zeug/fort-da/fort-da.html
> THE ACCIDENTAL ARTIST was an ongoing exhibition in Second Life at Odyssey,
> June 
> 2008 - January 2009, by Alan Sondheim, with help from Sugar Seville, Azure
> Carter, Gary Nanes, Sandy Baldwin, and Frances van Scoy at the Virtual
> Environments Laboratory, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia.
> The show changed daily and the gave me an opportunity to study the
> phenomenology of a virtual world in relation to avatar-human objectivity.
> "I think of this as a form of information implosion where everything gets out
> of hand, or a war or sex zone where it's impossible to walk or think, or
> Pliny's uncle's death (and other devastation) when Vesuvius blew: What does
> one 
> do in such a situation? How does one do it? One false step or click and you're
> underwater or in the skysphere ..."
> from back cover, Alan Sondheim
> The book contains all of the critical writings I've done on Second Life,
> modified into a single sectioned text.
> Thanks so much for possibly ordering! (If not, thanks for reading this far!)
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