[NetBehaviour] Geoff Cox: Social Networking Is not Working.

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Thu Nov 20 11:40:09 CET 2008

Txt: Clemente Pestelli / Eng: Chiara Resmini

Geoff Cox is an artist, teacher and organiser of events connected with
digital experimentation in the United Kingdom. Within his curatorial
route for Arnolfini, an organisation dealing with contemporary art, he
developed an interesting project whose topic is the intersections
between critical theory of social networks and critical practice of the
world of art.

Already from its name, “AntiSocial NotWorking”, we can understand that
the project aims at questioning two of the founding terms of the Web
2.0: “social” and “networking”. Within the very rich portal, there are
some of the most interesting Internet projects of the last few years:
from <$BlogTitle$> by Jodi to “Amazon Noir” and “Google Will Eat Itself”
by Ubermorgen-Cirio-Ludovico, from “logo_wiki” by Wayne Clements to
“Blue Tube” and “Friendster Suicide” by Cory Arcangel, from
“web2dizzaster” by sumoto.iki to “Fake is a Fake” by Les Liens Invisibles.

With Geoff Cox, we talked about how, beyond the quick enthusiasm and the
rhetoric of social networks, it is urgent and necessary to develop a
critical theory of social networks, and about how contemporary artistic
practice could be essential for the exploration of new forms of
participation, activism and democracy on the Internet.


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