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Thu Nov 20 18:50:25 CET 2008

(Hoet with three letters)
by Stefano Cagol, 2008
Special project for MARTa Herford
DVD, 4.30 min. looped + 1000 metal badges

I propagandized Jan Hoet.
I propagandized him repeating his name on a series of badges and a video
between irony, romanticism and depth, taking him as symbol,

as symbol of Art.

Finally I propagandized Art!
In fact I finished with a slogan:

'Art is Freedom'.

In this case art is not tool of propaganda, but is itself propagandized
declaring its fair aim not completely realized. Because Art has to be
part of personal life, but has also to reach power and braveness to
influence the actual wide
social sphere.

So I transformed an Art event into

an ‘Art Demonstration’,
an ‘Art Manifesto’!

Stefano Cagol

MARTa Herford gGmbH
Goebenstraße 4 - 10
32052 Herford. Germany
phone +49 (0) 5221.99 44 30.0
fax +49 (0) 5221.99 44 30.23

MARTa Herford

Major artists' celebration as part of the farewell exhibition
by Jan Hoet

21 - 23 November 2008

Invited artists:

Marina Abramovic, Montenegro/USA
Jakob Bartnik, Germany
Stefano Cagol, Italy
Oleg Kulik, Ukraine
Tatsumi Orimoto, Japan

On the weekend between 21 and 23 November, to mark the farewell
exhibition Loss of Control, Marta Herford is celebrating with a
spectacular program and many internationally famous artists such as
Marina Abramovic and Oleg Kulik plus jazz musician Anthony Braxton and
art theoretician and philosopher Boris Groys and many others...
Everybody is cordially invited to attend!

Detailed program:

Stefano Cagol (Italy): art project
Joseph Beuys (Germany): videos of performances
Tadeusz Kantor (Poland): Umarla klasa / The dead class (Film)

Friday, 7.30pm
Thérèse Malengreau (Belgium), piano concert

Saturday, from 11am
Frank Höngen (Germany), piano concert
Tatsumi Orimoto (Japan), Performance
Jakob Bartnik (Germany), Performance
Marina Abramovic (Montenegro / USA), Performance

Saturday, 4.30pm
Farewell speeches to Jan Hoet
Bruno Wollbrink, mayor of Herford
Heiner Wemhöner, chairman MARTa Freunde
and Förderer e. V.

Saturday, from 7pm
Anthony Braxton Falling River Quartet (USA), Jazz concert

Party with Sets of DJs: Hermanos Ingleses, DJ Herr Wolf and DJ Moritz

Sunday, 5.30pm
Boris Groys (Germany), public speech

Sunday, 7pm
Oleg Kulik (Ukraine), Performance

Admission: 12 EURO
Concessions: 6 EURO
valid from Friday till Sunday
included exhibition entrance

MARTa Herford gGmbH
Goebenstraße 4 - 10
32052 Herford. Germany
phone +49 (0) 5221 - 99 44 30 - 0
fax +49 (0) 5221 - 99 44 30 - 23



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