[NetBehaviour] 2nd auction - bid for the right to alter an artwork at SFMOMA

Karl Heinz Jeron mail at khjeron.de
Fri Nov 21 11:14:48 CET 2008


Since Thursday noon Pacific Standard Time (and 9 pm at the project’s 
homebase in Old Europe) the public is bidding again. The second auction 
has begun and museum visitors, internet users and Ebayers are bidding on 
Ebay for the right to alter or enhance the sculpture by 10lb Ape. It has 
been changed now in two performative re-installations by Tim 
Roseborough, the winner of auction number one. Why don’t you join the 
bidding? Making a bid is as easy as writing an email. Our first auction 
produced a quite modest and rather elegant intervention. Decide for 
yourself if you want to follow his path or aim for a more radical solution.

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