[NetBehaviour] Military USB Ban Meant to Stop 'Adversary Attacks'.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat Nov 22 11:51:28 CET 2008

Military USB Ban Meant to Stop 'Adversary Attacks'.

The military isn't banning the use of "thumb" drives, CDs, and other
data storage media just because of a simple, troublesome worm. It's
banning the disks and drives because this worm demonstrates how
vulnerable the armed force's networks are to enemy attack.

"It is apparent that over time, our posture to protect networks and
associated information infrastructure has not kept pace with adversary
efforts to penetrate, disrupt, interrupt, exploit or destroy critical
elements of the GIG [Global Information Grid]," reads an e-mail from the
head of U.S. Strategic Command, obtained by Inside Defense.


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