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Prospective at Three O'Clock

from A New Dictionary in French and English, Containing all the French
Words now in Use, with their Different Acceptations Properly Explained in
English According to the Genuine Spirit of Both Languages, by Henry Fox,
London, 1769

prospective glass, telescope; multiplying-glass; merry-thought; seat (of a
close-stool); crystal case (of a watch); lunette

at three o'clock; the clock has struck two; time; it is time to retire;
the critical minute; prayer-book; early; sooner; every hour

punishment; retaliation; a pains-taking man; pains, trouble; reluctance;
uneasiness; I can hardly believe it; it's worth while; hardly, scarce;
with much ado

finger; toe; finger's breadth; digit; a little win; to see clearly; to be
very near; to point at; to have a thing at one's fingers ends; to be handy
or dextrous; on the bring of ruin or destruction; give me a rap over the
knuckles; hand and glove; to be going very fast; to have one foot in the

devil; a good-natured fellow; a mischievous dog; he is good-natured
enough; a mess for the devil; that is not worth a damn or a fig; it is the
devil to pay; devilishly learned; he is in a dreadful rage; he rages like
a fury; he has mauled him in a hellish manner; there is no great conjura-
tion required to do that; he is not as bad as he seems

little; short; small; young; petty king; shallow wit; with a slow fire;
common people; grandson; small-pox; by degrees, by little and little

to draw again; to draw; to draw out; to take from or out; to call back
one's word; to reap; to get; to draw; to get again; to harbour; to take
into one's house; to redeem; to retire; to forsake; to come or to go home;
to retreat; to take shelter; to shrink; to fall; God withdraws his graces

horror; dread; detestation; abhorrence; enormity; to be detested by;
fright; frightful thing

image; idol; phantom; ghost; vain shadow

be that closes the file

woman; wife; feme covert; waiting woman; house-keeper; women must have
their will

disposition; disposal; to be inclined to study; to be well or ill-affected
towards one; to be well or ill

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