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Tue Nov 25 10:48:21 CET 2008

Piksel 08 Workshops
StudioUSF, Bergen, Norway
december 4-7

Free and Open Creative technology workshops at Piksel 08.
All workshops are free to attend, but with a limited number of seats.
To participate, please send a mail to: piksel08 at bek.no


Thursday december 4th 10 - 14:

 Sound production made Easy 
 with Seamus O'Donnell (aka LifeLoop)

A workshop in sound production with audio tools from ubuntu studio. This 
should be an opportunity for people to learn the basics in creating a sound 
piece with easy, user friendly, tools. The end product could be anything from 
a radio show to a backing track for a video, or a straight sound collage. The 
workshop will concentrate on The recording of sounds, the editing and cleaning 
of sounds and the building of a piece with these sounds.

 -a computer with audacity and ardour installed.
 -a recording device, or some previously recorded, but unedited sound files,   
preferably in wav. i will bring a device or 3, things of different quality, 
that can also be used by the participants.


Friday december 5th 10 - 14:

Realtime animation with Animata   
by the Animata team

Animata is a real-time animation software, designed to create interactive 
background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances, and 
promotional screenings.
The peculiarity of the software is that the animation is generated in real-
time, making continuous interaction possible. This ability also permits that 
physical sensors, cameras or other environmental variables can be attached.
The software can be connected with many pieces of external software in order 
to make use of the possibilities of these applications in the fields of image 
processing, sound analysis, or motion capture. These applications can analyse 
for instance sound input, or user movement, and this data could drive 
animations reacting to these environmental changes in real-time.


Saturday december 6th 10 - 12:

software + craft+ art = fonts   
with Egil Moller

An introduction to typefaces and digital typography. A workshop taking 
calligraphy as the origo all the way to your name written in your own font in 
OpenOffice; using only free software. Egil is a Swedish free software programmer 
and font-designer. He is the author of Aurora (GNU/Linux first graphical boot 
shipped with Mandrake) and Webwidgets (Application Framework which resembles 
Gtk/Qt for the web). Works at FreeCode.

 -A computer (with any OS)
 -An external mouse and/or a drawing tablet


Sunday december 7th 10 - 14:

Hands-on web development with Jelly   
by Tristan Perich and Kunal Gupta

Jelly is a new way of developing websites that works to close the gap between 
web users and web developers. The software, which is open-source, lives on the 
server of a user who maintains complete control over the data. Jelly wraps all 
the complex data processes that are needed to develop interactive, data-
driven, social websites, into a web development environment that looks and 
feels much like the web services that users are used to, like Facebook, 
Flickr, or Youtube. By working to make the experience of developing a web 
service as fluid, natural, and beautiful as the experience of using a web 
service like Vimeo, Jelly hopes to empower the enthusiastic and creative class 
of web 2.0 service users to break free of static structures and begin to make 
the websites that they imagine.
Basically, we offer a really fun, fluid, free tool that eliminates many of the 
barriers to building and running an web service. The entire interface runs 
inside the browser, and no additional software is necessary.

Piksel08 - 4-7 des 2008


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