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Alessandro Ludovico a.ludovico at neural.it
Wed Nov 26 11:01:02 CET 2008

Here are mines (unfortunately only in Italian, but from 2002-2004 so 
maybe trusted):

Good luck again.

>Here is the discussion page for the original deletion -
>Here are the notability criteria for web sites -
>We need to assemble examples of mentions of Furtherfield in web, media
>or literature and go for a deletion review -
>The more impressive the tome or the site, the better.
>Bizarrely Wikipedia doesn't seem to have notability guidelines for arts
>organizations or galleries. I would argue that they should have de facto
>I don't think I can edit the page (Wikipedia are strict about people not
>editing pages they actually know about^d^d are involved in), but we can
>assemble a good case here and then deliver it to the review.


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