[NetBehaviour] In a Short Stretch of Time. A Project on Narratives and Micro-fictions by Virginia Villaplana

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Liquidación Total, in collaboration with Medialab-Prado, Madrid,  

In a short stretch of time

A project on narratives and micro-fictions

On the basis of the publication "Zonas de intensidades",  (Aconcagua  
Publishing, Madrid, 2008), Virginia Villaplana proposes a workshop on  
generative writing, creativity and collective production of  
knowledge. The lines of work to be developed on the basis of the  
device in the exhibition venue, through screenings and readings, will  
cross through the notions of space and time in the dissemination of  
everyday stories. The infra-ordinary and the extra-ordinary, intra- 
history and meta-history are positioned as the starting points of a  
nomadic journey which will last for three days.

For this purpose, each participant will contribute to the collective  
fiction with a series of documents and files which constitute a  
fragment of memory: photographs, music, amateur video and super-8  
recordings, drawings, press clippings or magazines.

With these materials, participants will elaborate, through the  
"mediabiography" methodology proposed by Virginia Villaplana, a text  
located between reality and fiction on the fragment of memory they  
have decided to narrate. The intended purpose is the creation of a  
narrative diagram in which to situate each of the texts, as in a  
nomadic book. The fields of knowledge suggested for the theory/ 
practice workshop from which these fictions on memory as gender  
technology are the following:

Minimal memories and oblivion: Self as text, fiction, reality and  

Memory, culture and thought: Language, personal and public narratives.

Memory and technology: multiplex, portrait, album and archive.

Memory and narrative. From "Do It Yourself" to "Do It Together  
(DIT)": palimpsest, agency and participation.

This outlook is developed in four programmes which, in turn, will  
overcome a possible historiographical line in order to approach a  
geopolitical dimension, - in Jameson's terms, "geopolitical  
aesthetics" - of visual arts in Spain. A texture of ideas which  
involve taking into account art practice as part of the cultural  
narratives which weave the notions of ethics and aesthetics into an  
understanding of the everyday imaginary of the present.

Part I

The gaze against the image of History: passages, metaphors and life  

Part II

Narratives and Visible Devices

Part III

Narratives of the archive: the Mass Media image as document

Part IV

Narrative, gender, and visual culture.

Modular Cinema

It is proposed as a tool for research and learning on experimental  
narrative techniques and forms of approaching memory from the  
standpoint of the audio-visual gaze.

"Modular Cinema" will consist in a device which will allow the  
organisation of screening sessions which can allow an analytical  
approach to the grammar of experimental audio-visual language as form  
of approaching memory. It will count with a selection of experimental  
narratives from films by Chris Marker, Agnès Varda, Guy Debord, Jean  
Rousch, Yervant Gianikian y Angela Ricci Lucchi, Dziga Vertov, and  
William Klein.

"Modular Cinema" will be a portable device, which can be moved to  
other spaces and moments in order to continue with the screenings.

Calendar and Applications

Saturday November 29th, 2008

11:00 - 14:00: Presentation of "Zonas de intensidades", Traficantes  
de Sueños, Madrid.

Sunday November 30th, 2008

12:00 - Presentation of "In a Short Stretch of Time", Medialab-Prado,  

Monday November 1st, 2008

16:00 - 20:00: "In a Short Stretch of Time", first session.

Tuesday November 2nd, 2008

16:00 - 20:00 "In a Short Stretch of Time", second session.

Wednesday November 3rd, 2008

16:00 - 20:00 "In a Short Stretch of Time", third session.


In order to take part in the "In a Short Stretch of Time" workshop,  
get in touch with kamen at liquidaciontotal.org, and send us an email  
with the following information:

Your email address and telephone number.
A brief bio (no more than 4 lines).
A description of the kind of autobiographical material you are going  
to work with (no more than 10 lines).

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