[NetBehaviour] Humans Are the Sex Organs of Technology.

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Sun Nov 30 14:52:16 CET 2008

Humans Are the Sex Organs of Technology.

Written by Kevin Kelly, published in The Technium.

I claim that technology has its own agenda. What is the evidence that
technology as a whole, or the technium as I call it, is autonomous?
Because without autonomy, one could argue, how can something have its
own agenda? I have three parts to my answer.

First, I believe that a system can have an agenda even when it depends
upon another system to remain viable. Let's take the human mind and
human culture. Obviously humans are animals, and just another creature
of evolution. As a mammal, we must obey the rules of biology. We are
part of the trajectory of living tissue: our flesh must breathe,
metabolize, mate, excrete, and eventually die. The agenda of our bodies
is exactly the agenda of any other animal body.

But we also claim that we are different than animals, and our effect on
the earth seems to be proof of this. We build very large structures
(cities) unlike any other in scale. The skyscrapers of termites and the
reefs of coral are dwarfed by the skyscrapers and concrete reefs of New
York, even relative to their size. We have transformed the surface and
eliminated other species at a scale way beyond other species. We mess
with the climate on a scale few individual species can. And of course we
have made many new objects and "organisms" - which no other creature
has. It is clear that humans have their own agenda, which the rest of
biology does not have.


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