[NetBehaviour] Second Front: VIT: R U 4 Real?

Patrick Lichty voyd at voyd.com
Thu Oct 2 20:48:38 CEST 2008

Second Front Samizdat 
“Virtual Identity Theft – R U Real?”
SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA
Stone Pike 150,160, 35, Second Life, 
(With additional components at Odyssey, I AM Columbia, and Nolidae servers)
Scott Kildall – scott at kildall.com
Patrick Lichty – voyd at voyd.com

Second Front is premiering a new performance-installation at SF Camerawork 
called Virtual Identity Theft: R U (4) Real?. The show runs from October 
2nd-November 1st. 

This is part of a show is called I Feel Free But Know That I Am Not, curated 
by Chuck Mobley.

Guillermo Gomez-Pena (with Violet Luna and La Pocha Nostra) and Oliver 
Herring (with multiTASK) will also be presenting performances/installations.

Virtual Identity Theft: R U (4) Real?
In this performance-installation, Second Front challenges gallery- goers to 
prove that they are “real.” We are avatars in Second Life who can fly, 
teleport and change gender, and many other things. We do not age or get 
sick. Second Front does not understand how you can, or even would want to, 
live a first  life.  We invite to tell us who you are, and what is good 
about your "First Life".
By sharing the stories of the visitors, we will take a little bit of that 
person with us through a hidden webcam. Constructing items such  as milk 
cartons, “soul gems” and other artifacts, we will build a “hall of 
identities” as well as distribute
identity-objects throughout the Grid.

Come share your stories with us, and let us tell the virtual world that you 
are, in fact, “4 Real...” 

Show details:
Opening reception: October 2nd, 5-8pm

SF Camerawork
657 Mission Street (between 3rd & New Montgomery)
Second Floor, San Francisco

About Second Front:
Second Front is a pioneering virtual performance art group, creating 
happenings, spectacles, as well as critical and absurdist actions in the 
spirit of the Dadas, Fluxus, and contemporary traditions of 
media/performance art pioneered by Abramovic, Burden, Nauman, and others. 
Spanning the globe from San Francisco to Milan, Second Front was founded in 
2006 and includes Gazira Babeli (Milan), Yael Gilks/Fau Ferdinand (London), 
Scott Kildall/Great Escape (San Francisco/NYC), Bibbe Hansen/Bibbe Oh (NYC), 
Liz Solo/Lizsolo Mathilde (St. John's), and Patrick Lichty/Man Michinaga 
(Chicago/New Orleans).  Second Front has shown internationally in venues 
like the San Francisco Art Institute, the Performa Performance Art Bienniale 
NYC, Gogbot Amsterdam, and has been recognized in press by Exhibart Italy, 
Eikon Milan, ArtNews and Art in America.

About Second Life (SL): SL is an Internet-based 3D virtual world created in 
2003  A free downloadable browser called the Second Life Viewer enables its 
users, to interact with each other through avatars, creating a large online 
community. Residents can explore, meet other residents, socialize, and 
participate in individual and group activities. For more information, please 
visit http://www.secondlife.com

SF Camerawork

Second Front video archve

Second Front blog

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