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Monday 20 10 2008 20h30 GMT+1 (Paris local time)
Web performance
*Surveiller Punir / Discipline and Punish*
"Double contraintes Foucault" / "Double Bind Foucault"
by *Pascal Lièvre*
in the virtual salon of panoplie

First of a series of 7 webperformances with Patrick Lichty (New York),
K.Kliniques Justine Abittan and Caroline Delieutraz (Paris), Julien Lassort
(Poitiers), Renee Turner (Rotterdam), Nicolas Robin (Bruxelles) et
Jean-François Blanquet (Bruxelles). Curator Annie Abrahams (Montpellier).
Press release with more info and images:

*Double Bind*. What can this term, invented a little more than 50 years ago
to give other than a purely physiological basis to schizophrenia, still mean
to us today?  What can it make comprehensible?

*Is our relation to the computer and internet double bind, bound, bond?
I am your friend but you will never know me?
Remote presence, ubiquity, multiple personality, absence of the body? Does
this make us schizophrenic? How do we adapt?*

In response to these questions Annie Abrahams invited 7 artists to conceive
a performance for the virtual salon of panoplie.org, equipped for this
occasion with two webcams images.

The performances will take place every two weeks on Monday evening at 8:30
pm GMT+1 (local Paris time). The first one will be on October 20th 2008.

Double Bind is the follow-up of Breaking Solitude, a series of 14 web
performances between November 2006 and February 2008 meant to experiment
"the art to experiment new ways of being together".

Some features, such as time limits (between 5 and 20 minutes) and the
refusal to pod cast the performances, relate these events to traditional
contemporary art performances. Others, like the participation of the public
using a chat window, make them into a new experience for both the artist and
the public.
The performing artist is confronted to the brute and often emotional
reactions of his public, which are not always as respectful as in art
centres, museums and galleries.
The participating audience has the privilege to assist in a performance, to
see and hear a person during an act of creation without having to subject to
the social rites of the art world.

The only thing, besides some screen-prints that will remain in the archives
of panoplie.org after the performance, is the immediate feedback; the text
written by the audience.

Access to the performances is open to all. You only have to connect to
http://2008.panoplie.org/#/DoubleBind when the time has come.
However, you will have to subscribe to panoplie to obtain a password in
order to participate in the chat.


Monday 20 October at 8h30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time) - Pascal Lièvre:
Surveiller Punir "Double Contraintes Foucault" (Paris) http://www.lievre.fr

Monday 3 November at 8h30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time) - Patrick Lichty:
CONUNDRUM: How to be in Two Places at the Same Time (New York)

Monday 17 November at 8h30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time) - K.Kliniques,
Justine Abittan et Caroline Delieutraz : Bras de tête et Tête de fer (Paris)

Monday 1 December at 8h30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time) - Julien Lassort :
Puzzled (Poitiers) http://www.breaking-phone.com/pocketblog.htm

Monday 15 December at 8h30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time) - Renee Turner :
Postcards from my desktop: the impossibilities of bringing 'here' to 'there'
(Rotterdam) http://www.fudgethefacts.com/  http://www.geuzen.org/

Monday 12 January at 8h30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time) - Nicolas Robin :
Never time for sense (Bruxelles)

Monday 26 January at 8h30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time) - Jean-François
Blanquet : Auto/Hetero (Bruxelles) http://cromix.free.fr/
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