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Wed Oct 8 02:09:14 CEST 2008

 if you don't see anything jump straight to
http://www.stefpasquini.com/ppodcast/ thanks


*Episode 3*is a schizophrenic one that ranges from babbling about some
galleries to randomly interviewing Tobi Maier during Manifesta 7. Finished
off with some freaky sounds too.
Be brave, download it

*Names dropped:
*Adam Budak, Andrea Rosen, Anish Kapoor, Anna Ostoya, Barbara Gladstone,
Chelsea, Chris Watson, David Altmejd, Florian Hecker, Fortunato Depero,
Giorgio Sadotti, Italo Calvino, James W Morris, Josh Gura, Larry Gagosian,
Luigi Russolo, Manifesta, Monte Bondone, New Hyronja, Ragnar Kjartansson,
Robert Therrien, Rovereto, Tex Taiwan, The Next Enterprise, Tobi Maier,
Zafos Xagoraris, Zygmunt Bauman.
*Web dropped:* www.andrearosengallery.com,
www.gagosian.com,  www.gladstonegallery.com,  www.jwm-art.net,
www.joshgura.com,  www.manifesta7.it,  www.myspace.com/textaiwan,

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